A video that is uploaded to an Office 365 video channel isn't listed in the channel's "Popular" or "Newest" section


Consider the following scenario:
  • You uploaded a video to a Microsoft Office 365 Video channel.
  • The video file uses one of the following file-name extensions:
    • .avchd
    • .ts
    • .vob
  • The video finished processing. 

    Note The original user who uploaded the video can confirm that the video finished processing by browsing to the My Videos section of the channel. If the video is available for playback, processing has finished.
  • You browse to the channel. 
In this scenario, the video isn't present in either the Newest or Popular channel section.


To work around this issue, take one of the following actions, as appropriate for your situation:
  • Rename the file name extension to .mp4, and then re-upload the video to the site.
  • Have the original user who uploaded the video browse to the My Videos section of the channel, open the video, and then share the URL of the video page with users who want to view the video.


This is a known issue in Office 365 Video. Microsoft is working to resolve this issue.

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