Lista de problemas corrigidos nos Service Packs do Internet Explorer 6


Este artigo lista os números dos artigos da base de dados de conhecimentos da Microsoft (KB, Microsoft Knowledge Base) relativos aos problemas que são corrigidos no Service Pack 1 (SP1) do Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Para obter informações adicionais sobre como obter o Service Pack mais recente para o Internet Explorer 6, clique no número de artigo que se segue para visualizar o artigo na base de dados de conhecimento da Microsoft (KB, Microsoft Knowledge Base):

328548 Como obter o Service Pack mais recente para o Internet Explorer 6

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194242FIX: Causes Delay in NewWindow Event
218933Custom User Agent String Not Sent by IEAK Wizard for Automatic Version Synchronization
271562HTML Messages with Pictures Do Not Print Correctly After You Install Internet Explorer 5.5 SP1 or 6.0
281679Não é possível abrir uma nova janela do Internet Explorer ou não acontece nada quando clica numa hiperligação
286043MS01-051: Patch Available for Telnet Logging Vulnerability
294291Open in New Window Restriction Does Not Work in History Pane When in Kiosk Mode
300829Cannot Edit Content in Frames or Iframes with DHTML
303750Incorrect File Name in the File Open or File Save Dialog Boxes
307978FIX: MFC Controls in Overlapped IFRAMEs Receive Unnecessary WM_PAINT Messages
308005Find (on This Page) Command Does Not Work with the ISO 8859 Character Set
308414MS01-051: Patch Available for HTTP Request Encoding Vulnerability
309170Memory leak occurs when behaviors are dynamically removed
309178The AutoDial Procedure Stops If You Quit Internet Explorer
309456An Access Violation Occurs in an HTML Page with a Table When You Scroll in a Small Window
310388Data for a POST Request Is Not Downloaded Completely in a Custom MIME Viewer
310676Internet Explorer Does Not Set a Cookie for Two-Letter Domains
311730Data Is Not Posted Correctly by Using XMLHTTP to Send Multiple Asynchronous POSTs
312124Problems with the WebBrowser Control in Internet Explorer 6 During Navigation
312176Heavy NTLM Authentication Traffic Occurs Between Internet Explorer and the Proxy Server
312223Internet Explorer 6 DHTML Class Code May Cause an Access Violation in mshtml!CTreeNode::GetFancyFormat
312461MS01-055: Internet Explorer Cookie Data Can Be Exposed or Altered Through Script Injection
312496Internet Explorer May Lose the First 2,048 Bytes of Data That Are Sent Back from a Web Server That Uses HTTP Compression
312536Files That Are Not .url Files Are Deleted from the Favorites Folder
312542HTML Forms That Are Submitted by Outlook Do Not Display Results
312590OLEXP: An Access Violation Occurs in Outlook Express If You Click Cancel When You Are Choosing a Message Store
313463An Access Violation Occurs When You View Embedded HTML Messages in the Outlook Preview Pane
313675MS01-058: Patch contra a vulnerabilidade de ficheiros para o Internet Explorer 5.5 e Internet Explorer 6
314209You Cannot Access the Location Object of the Parent from a Child Window
314312Text Input May Be Slow If You Use the Japanese Input Method Editor
315466Access Violation in Wininet.dll When a Programs Calls InternetSetOption
315699Internet Explorer Incorrectly Represents the Euro Character as &#8364 Instead of 0x80
315712Access Violation Error Message When You Navigate Through HTA or XML Documents
315713Cookies Are Lost When You Use FILE:// URL Method in Window.Open
316059MS02-005: February 11, 2002, Cumulative Patch for Internet Explorer
316116You cannot manage Internet Explorer 6 Group Policy settings on a Windows 2000-based computer
316593The DocumentComplete Event May Not Be Triggered When You Open a New Browser Window
317244MS02-008: O controlo XMLHTTP do MSXML 4.0 pode permitir o acesso a ficheiros locais
317726MS02-005: Patch Is Available for the GetObject() Scripting Function Vulnerability
317727MS02-005: Patch Is Available for the Application Invocation via Content-Type Field Vulnerability
317729MS02-005: Patch Is Available for a New Variant of the "Frame Domain Verification" Vulnerability
317731MS02-005: Patch Is Available for the Buffer Overrun in HTML Directive Vulnerability
317742MS02-005: Patch Is Available for the Script Execution Vulnerability
317745MS02-005: Patch Is Available for File Download Dialog Box Spoofing Vulnerability
318089MS02-009: Processamento incorrecto de VBScript no Internet Explorer pode permitir a leitura de ficheiros locais por páginas Web
318203MS02-008: O controlo XMLHTTP do MSXML 3.0 pode permitir o acesso a ficheiros locais
318382The Method with Replace Does Not Work in Frameset
318426FIX: Security Patch (Q316059) Crashes Internet Explorer When You Call execScript
318666Internet Explorer Maintenance Policies May Cause an Access Violation in Winlogon
319032An Error Message Occurs If You Click "Save Target As" for a Link
319182MS02-015: 28 de Março de 2002, Patch cumulativo para o Internet Explorer
319235MS02-015: Disponível actualização para a vulnerabilidade de execução de ficheiros locais no Internet Explorer
319236MS02-015: Disponível actualização para a vulnerabilidade de execução de scripts no Internet Explorer
319303Actualização para o som de navegação do Internet Explorer
319554Help and Support Center Does Not Display Information About Remote Computers
319792Back Navigation on POST Causes Re-POST in Internet Explorer 6
320882Internet Explorer May Display Only Part of an EMF Image
321156FtpPutFile Returns Success Although the Operation Fails in Internet Explorer
321232MS02-023: 15 de Maio de 2002, Patch cumulativo para o Internet Explorer
321268Internet Explorer Calculates the Web Page Window Size Incorrectly
321276Server.CreateObject() for a WSC Component in ASP Pages Does Not Work in Windows XP
321530Outlook Express Quits Unexpectedly When You Receive a Message That Has a Special MIME Header
321532FIX: Mixed security warning message appears when the POST method is used to stream a PDF file over HTTPS
321598Security Zone Settings Are Not Applied in Internet Explorer 6
321722Content with "Content-Encoding: gzip" Is Always Cached Although You Use "Cache-Control: no-cache"
322822NTLM Authentication Does Not Work If Internet Explorer Is Configured to Use HTTP 1.1 Through Proxy Connections
322918Cannot Open a .pdf File with the File:// Protocol If the Address Contains a "#" Character
322921MS02-023: Disponível patch para a vulnerabilidade de processamento de scripts entre sites do recurso HTML local
322923MS02-023: Disponível patch para a vulnerabilidade de fraude de identidade de zona através de página Web mal formada
322924MS02-023: Disponível patch para a vulnerabilidade de divulgação de informações locais através de elemento HTML
322926MS02-023: Disponível patch para a vulnerabilidade de leitura de cookies através um script existente nos cookies
322927MS02-023: Disponível patch para variantes da vulnerabilidade de disposição de conteúdo
322928MS02-023: Disponível patch para desactivar frames na zona de sites restritos
323308Internet Explorer file downloads over SSL do not work with the cache control headers
323395Internet Explorer NoHelpMenu and NoViewSource Policies Do Not Work with Internet Explorer 6
323686100 Percent CPU Utilization When You Use DHTML to Add Cells to a Table
323759MS02-047: 22 de Agosto de 2002, Patch cumulativo para o Internet Explorer
324029You Receive Multiple Security Alert Messages About Redirection to a Nonsecure Site
324404Shortcut Menus Remain Visible in Internet Explorer Help After You Turn Off Shortcut Menus
325662NTLM Authentication Over an SSL Connection Does Not Work in Internet Explorer 6
326853Non-URL Files Are Deleted from the Favorites Folder
327258FIX: Hebrew text in a confirmation dialog box or in a message box appears incorrectly in Internet Explorer 6
327315Return Value of ShowModalDialog Is Always Set to UNDEFINED for the About: Protocol In Internet Explorer 6.0
327496Windows XP RSoP Shows Incorrect Source GPO for Internet Explorer Policy Settings
327543Internet Explorer Quits When You Run AccEvent32.exe
327708Specifying the Number of Copies in a Printer Template Does Not Work
327716Caching Problems with Compressed Pages in a Frameset
327980The New Connection Wizard Does Not Set the "Always Dial My Default Connection" Setting
328676MS02-058: OLEXP: An Unchecked Buffer in Outlook Express S/MIME Parsing May Permit System Compromise
329130Source Code Is Not Available Error Message When Debugging an .inc File with Visual InterDev 6.0
329160Content Advisor Displays Warning for Script URL
330338Additional Prompts for a Client Certificate with Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1

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