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This article introduces the Microsoft SQL Server 2016 installer that's used to run direct installations and media downloads for SQL Server 2016 Evaluation, Developer, and Express editions. It also lists the feature updates and fixes that are made to the SQL Server Installer in each update.
About the SQL Server 2016 installer
The SQL Server installer can be used for installing or downloading Express, Developer and Evaluation Editions of SQL Server 2016 with just a few clicks. The installer is located, and updated occasionally, online where the updated version is downloaded to your computer when you choose to install or download an Express, Developer, or Evaluation edition of SQL Server. 

In this article, you can find information about feature updates and/or fixes made to the installer in each update made.
How to download the SQL Server 2016 installer
The SQL Server 2016 installer is downloaded when you choose to install, or download setup media for the following editions of SQL Server:Note As an alternative, with the September 2016 Update, the media for the edition that you choose can be first downloaded by using the SQL Server installer. Then, you can run the installer locally from the command line, where a custom configuration file can be used to perform an installation.
More information
Note The version number of the installer is displayed on the welcome screen and also in the installation log file that's located in the following folder:

%programfiles%\microsoft sql server\130\ssei\logfiles
  • September 2016 Update, version 1.1609.0.0 (Date released: September 30, 2016)

    The following table lists the major fixes and updates that are included in this version:

    VSTS NumbersDescriptionAdditional details
    8050925, 8260477, 8260477Adds support for the following:
    • Installation by using .ini file to enable users to run a basic installation that's customized for their environment.
    • Force-install ENU versions on localized OS versions.

    The installer supports the following optional parameters at the command line:

    ConfigurationFile: Specifies the configuration file to use.
    Note: When you use this parameter, the installer requires that you have a FEATURES node in the configuration file.

    IAcceptSqlServerLicenseTerms: Required in order to acknowledge acceptance of the license terms.

    MediaPath: Location where SQL Server setup media will be downloaded and extracted to.

    ENU: Use this parameter to install the English version of SQL Server on a localized operating system.

    Usage: SQLServer2016-SSEI-Expr.exe [/ConfigurationFile=C:\Configuration.ini] [/IAcceptSqlServerLicenseTerms] [/MediaPath=C:\SqlServer2016Setup] [/ENU]
    8239843Adds the option for customers to send feedback about the SQL Installer.This enables users to submit feedback to Microsoft about their installer experience.
    8263496Adds the option to view a list of updates (change log) that were included with each of the different versions of the installer.When you click “What’s new” button on any of the screens, you will be directed to this KB article.
    8308297Basic and Custom installs are blocked on unsupported operating systemsThe Basic and Custom options of the SQL Server installer are supported only on the following operating systems:
    • Windows 8 and later
    • Windows Server 2012 and later

    On earlier versions of the operating systems, users are only allowed to download media files.
    8324789Adds the prerequisite check for the .NET Framework 4.6.1 (KB2919355) on Windows 8.1/Windows Server 2012 R2This change adds a feature agnostic rule that verifies the update discussed in KB2919355 is installed on Windows 8.1\Server 2012R2.
    8050982Users are now notified if setup finished with restart required.Earlier than this update, if SQL Setup finished with restart required, users were not notified. With this update, when a restart is required a message will be displayed to the user on the summary page.
    7998244Express installer now has a link to create an Azure VM on the Download Media Page.Earlier than this update, only SQL Developer and SQL Evaluation editions had this option on the Download Media page. After this update even Express editions have that option.
    7914459Adds disk space validation for Custom install.Earlier than this update, selecting Basic or Media download options under installation type, the installer will complain about insufficient disk space, but for the same condition, it silently goes ahead for custom installs but fails with "error decompressing media". The update addresses space validation even for custom installs.
    7914469Fixes issues with calculation logic used to validate disk space that's required for media download.Earlier than this update, the amount of free space for media downloads would calculate based on sum of all files for the media type, instead of the file being downloaded. Now free space calculation for media downloads is based on the file type and language only.
  • July 2016 Update, version (Date released: July 01, 2016)

    The following table lists the major fixes and updates that are included in this version:

    VSTS NumbersDescriptionAdditional details
    7686801Adds descriptive messages during installation progressBefore installing this update, users see just a progress bar during download. This change adds informative messages to give a better idea of what is occurring.
    7701758More concise message when user cancelsWhen you press Cancel, a very verbose message is displayed. This change simplifies the message.
    7707378"Next" button changed to "Install"On the last page before download and installation starts, the button has been changed from "Next" to "Install."
    7739836Installer fails on en-GB localeWhen you run the installer on an English locale that's not en-US, users are prompted to install in English. This validation has been relaxed to enable any English child locale.
    7830954Enables IFI for all editionsDatabase Instant File Initialization (IFI) is enabled for all editions to improve performance.
    7841562Adds pointer to set up log files on Setup Failure Summary pageA new text box was added on the Setup Failure Summary page in the event that SQL Server Setup fails.
    7842107Custom installation installed In Express Edition uses Express AdvancedWhen you select a custom installation for the Express Edition, the larger SQL Server Express Advanced package is downloaded instead of the SQL Server Express Core package.
    7870409More usable error message for older version of SQL Server InstallerWhen a new version of the SQL Server Installer is released, you are prompted during initialization and pointed to the location from which to download the new version.
    7586862, 7717638, 7717969, 7717997Miscellaneous string truncation fixes in localized editions of the installer
For more information about how to create an .ini file, see Install SQL Server 2016 by using a configuration file.

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