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Utilizar os Estilos no Word

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Since you are using headings, you can re-organize your document quickly. Drag sections instead of cut and paste.

The Navigation Pane

  • Click View > Navigation Pane and to turn on the Navigation Pane. Only words that have a Heading setting will appear here. Click and hold to move them around, all text will move under that setting will also move.

Instant Table of Contents (TOC)

  • Click References > Table of Contents to turn your Headings into an instant table of contents. See the training courses below for more ways to format your TOC.

Want more?

Move around in a document using the Navigation pane

Introduction to Tables of Contents (TOCs)

Take tables of contents (TOCs) to the next level

Another thing that you can do and this started with Word 2010 is the Navigation Pane.

Let’s go show you that.

You go the VIEW tab and click Navigation Pane box.

And on the left hand side of your document, all those headings appear.

Again, just headings appear.

Anything else that you style in a different type of style won’t appear, just headings will appear.

And this is actually kind of your document laid out.

Now, let’s say your teacher, who’s an astronomy teacher, who’s also an English teacher, wants the planets in alphabetical order.

One, you should question that. But two, okay.

If I had to do that on my regular document, I would have to take 'Mercury' and I would have to take this whole thing, and make sure I have all the correct...

If it goes on, I have to cut it, and then I figure out where to put it and scroll down my document, and find the right place and then paste it.

And you do that for a long document and you pick up extra spaces and all that, or here I put it in the wrong place.

It can get pretty cumbersome very quickly, cutting and pasting to reorganize your document.

Let’s look over at the Navigation Pane. And what I can do here is I can drag sections.

Okay, so let’s do this in alphabetical order.

'Earth' is first, then 'Jupiter'. I am just going to click on it, and then unclick when I have it.

All the moons of 'Jupiter' also appear in this order, so I can quickly make this alphabetized.

'Neptune', 'Saturn' goes above 'Venus'. U, V, Venus is last. But before 'The Dwarf' planets.

And there I have quickly organized my document alphabetically and the whole document is changed on the side.

Now, let me go up to the Table of Contents. The Table of Contents does not update automatically like a live preview.

You have to tell it to update it. It is really easy, though. I am just going to click on the Table of Contents.

You can also do this in the ribbon, and you can click Update Table. You can Update just the page numbers. Let’s do that.

And now you can see, Mercury is on Page 4, Saturn is on Page 6.

But I am going to update the whole Table of Contents even in the order.

So Update Table, Update entire table, and now the planets are in alphabetical order, and the Table of Contents is in that order.

So, with Styles, you can change the look of your document quickly, and it is uniform.

You can get an instant Table of Contents and you can organize your document through the Navigation Pane, and change things around very simply.

Those are three of the big benefits of using Styles.

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