Train Simulator: Installation Requires More Disk Space Than Expected


When you install Microsoft Train Simulator on your
computer, a complete installation may require a greater amount of disk space
than the disk-space requirements listed on the box for a full install.


A complete installation of Train Simulator requires about
1.8 gigabytes (GB) of disk space (not including the swap file) unless you
install the program to a FAT16 volume. If you install to a Fat16 volume, the
installation may require as much as 2.2 GB because of the cluster size of a
FAT16 volume. On a hard disk that uses the FAT16 file system, the smallest
amount of space that a file can use is equal to the size of one cluster. This
means that a 1-kilobyte (KB) file stored on the hard disk may actually use up
to 32 KB of physical disk space, rather than 1 KB of disk space. Train
Simulator installs a large number of small files (1 to 2 KB), including images

Note This behavior does not occur on a FAT32 file system or on NTFS
file systems, because these systems do not have a 32-KB limitation.


Windows 95 Gold only supports FAT16 volumes, but Windows 95
OSR2, all versions of Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows 2000 can support

It may be possible to use Microsoft utilities to convert a
FAT16 volume to FAT32 in some operating systems. More information including
information on who to contact for support of these tools can be found in the
following articles:
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