When You Sort Address Book Entries By A Criteria Other than "Nickname" , The Setting Does Not Carry Over From One Session To Another In MSN Explorer


You sign in to MSN Explorer and click the E-mail icon in the top toolbar. You click the Address Book tab, and then you sort the entries in the address book by another criteria (for example, by e-mail address) by clicking on the heading for a particular column. You sign out of MSN Explorer and sign back in. You start the Address Book as described above. The entries in the Address Book are once again sorted by nickname.


This is a known issue.


By default, MSN Explorer sorts the address book entries by the Nickname. If you wish to view the entries sorted by another field, click the heading for that particular column (clicking once will sort in ascending order and place an upwards arrow by the field, and clicking again will sort in descending order and place a downwards arrow by the field). You must do this procedure each time you sign in.

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