Incorrect Buddy Name Exposed When Using Inspect With MSN Explorer


With a Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) enabled screen reader running, you start MSN Explorer. You click the Online Buddies icon. You select a buddy from the list, and then the Online Buddies Instant Message window appears. If your screen reader supports reading of the Status bar, you press the keyboard sequence that will read this information. Or you have your screen reader read the entire window. Your screen reader will not read the Buddy name, alias, and online status visible in the Status bar--you will only hear the title of the window.


This Status bar is currently owner drawn and does not support the standards that allow the information to be exposed through MSAA.


Some screen readers are able to provide this information through "non- MSAA mode". If your screen reader supports this, try the keyboard sequence again. If your screen reader is still unable to read the Status bar, you can get this information in other places within MSN Explorer.

ID articol: 303219 - Ultima examinare: 14 feb. 2017 - Revizie: 1