DOC: Broken Link in Visual J++ Code-Behind HTML Project Template


In Visual J++ 6.0, the Code-behind HTML project template includes a Hypertext Markup language (HTML) page that contains the following HTML text:

This page requires the Microsoft Virtual Machine (VM), Version 5.00.2910 or later, and the Microsoft Windows Foundation Classes (WFC) for Java. Update required components.
However, the Update link is broken, and you cannot click Update to update the required components.


The current Microsoft VM download includes several different versions that target different Microsoft operating systems. A single link that targets all operating systems is not available. Microsoft recommends that you remove all of the text that is quoted in the "Symptoms" section from the HTML page of your Code-behind HTML project.

The HTML template file that Visual J++ installs is located in the following folder:

\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VJ98\VJProjects\Web Pages\Code-Behind HTML
If you delete the HTML text that is quoted in the "Symptoms" section from the Page1.htm file that is located in this folder, all new Code-behind HTML template projects that are created in Visual J++ use this updated Page1.htm file. This file is the master Page1.htm template that is copied into all new Code-behind HTML projects that are created in Visual J++.

The current Microsoft VM download page is located at the following Microsoft Web site:

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