Contact Added To Hotmail Address Book Appears As Messenger Contact In Another Account


You sign in to MSN Messenger. Once signed in, you go to and sign in using a different account than the one you used to signed in to MSN Messenger. At the Hotmail Web site, you click the Address Book tab. You click the Create New button to create a new contact in the Address Book. You complete the information on the form that appears, and you specify a valid or address in the Address box. You click the OK button at the bottom of the page. The contact is added to the Address Book of the account you used to sign in to the Hotmail Web site. However, the account will also be added as a contact in the contact list of the account you used to sign in to MSN Messenger.


This is a known issue.


This issue will be resolved in a future release of MSN Messenger. If you do not want the contact in your MSN Messenger contact list, you can delete the entry by selecting the contact in the Messenger window, clicking File on the top menu, then clicking Delete Contact.

ID articol: 306201 - Ultima examinare: 14 feb. 2017 - Revizie: 1

Software MSN 6.0