PRB: Non-Existent Floppy Disk Drive May Appear When You Reboot with a USB Floppy Drive


If a Universal Serial Bus (USB) floppy disk drive is attached to a legacy-free portable computer, a second phantom floppy disk drive may appear in the My Computer dialog box after you reboot.


To resolve this problem, unplug the USB drive before you restart the computer.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior

  1. Attach a USB floppy disk drive to the system, and allow hardware detection to complete.
  2. On your desktop, double-click My Computer, and verify that a single floppy disk drive icon appears in the My Computer dialog box.
  3. Restart the system with the USB floppy disk drive attached.
  4. Double-click My Computer. Notice that a second floppy disk drive icon appears in the My Computer dialog box.


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