Azure Consultations

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Get prepared to address the real-world scenarios you encounter when architecting applications, closing deals and deploying Azure solutions. By receiving one-on-one technical guidance from Microsoft Partner Technical Consultants for the most common scenarios, you can confidently accelerate app development or increase sales and deploy more effectively.

Get started – Determine the type of consultation that meets your needs


Partner Need

What a Partner can expect

Tech Level

Starter Consultation ​

Practice Initiation​

A Starter Consultation is a foundational service that provides introductory guidance to partners. This includes the fundamentals of starting a practice or expanding to a new workload. It is designed for partners who wish to attain an initial understanding of a Priority Scenario, to expand their capabilities, and to incorporate new Technical Scenarios. Starter Consultations are not associated with an active customer engagement, but rather, increase a partner’s ability to capture opportunities to build, sell or deploy new cloud solutions. (Note: A Starter Consultation is not product training or certification guidance in the technology.)

Beginner – Intermediate​

Presales Consultation​

Sales Support​

Presales Consultations provide guidance for partners as they work to pitch and close a sales opportunity. This can include defining a value proposition, providing cost estimates, managing customer objections, responding to competitor messaging, demonstrating technical solutions, initiating a technical proof-of-concept in a lab, and architecture planning and design leading to a Statement of Work.​


Deployment Consultation​

Enhance Deployment Proficiency​

Deployment Consultations are designed to assist partners as they plan and implement solutions for their customers or develop applications. This includes architecture planning and design guidance, best practices and deployment guidance, product references and documentation. A Deployment Consultation provides deployment guidance to help partner deploy the solution and to shadow the deployment and provide best practices, helping remove deployment blockers through recommended architecture guidance. A Deployment Consultation is neither a step-by-step guide for deployment nor direct, hands-on deployment services or support.​

Intermediate – Advanced​

Advanced Consultation​

SI: Optimize Processes​

ISV: All phases​

The Advanced Consultation is a technical deep dive for complex solutions. It can explore solutions crossing multiple solution areas or requiring cross-discipline product expertise. These solutions can be tied to a specific focus, such as security practices optimization, or where products require custom settings or configurations. Advanced Consultations can include technical documentation, customized demos, code samples, complex automation guidance, solution scaling advice and technical resources for customized reporting and monitoring scenarios.​


Note:  If you have needs beyond technical presales, app development or deployment guidance (ie: such as product support) please refer here to find the best way to get assistance.

Select the right technology scenario that you need assistance with

Priority Scenario

Technical Scenario

Key Products

Server Migration

Windows Server Migration

Linux Server Migration

Mainframe Migration

Cloud to Cloud Migration

VMWare Migration

Azure Virtual Machines

Azure Virtual Network

Azure Storage

Azure Migrate


Data Migration

SQL Server Migration to SQL DB/SQL MI

SQL Server Migration to IaaS

Cosmos DB Migration

Data Modernization on-premises

OSS DB to Azure



SQL Server on IaaS

Azure SQL

Azure Database for MySQL

Azure Database for PostgreSQL

Azure Database for MariaDB

Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Database Migration Service

SAP on Azure

SAP on Azure

SAP on VMs, SAP large instances

Application Innovation

Modernize/New OSS Applications

Modernize/New .NET Applications

Containerize with Kubernetes

Dev Ops






Application Insights

Azure App Services

Azure Functions

Azure Kubernetes Services

Azure Logic App

Azure Service Bus

Event Grid

Redis Cache

Azure DevOps


IoT Hub

IoT Central

Digital Twins

3rd Party IoT


Azure Digital Twins

Azure IoT Central

Azure IOT Edge

Azure IoT Hub

Azure Time Series Insights

High Performance Compute

High Performance Compute (Core)

High Performance Compute (GPU)

Specialized Storage

Dedicated HPC

Azure Batch

Azure HPC



Virtual Desktop

RDS on IaaS


Windows Virtual Desktop

Remote Desktop Services on IaaS

Intelligent Edge

Azure Stack

Databox (Gateway/Edge)

IoT Edge

Azure Data Box

Azure Stack

Azure IoT Edge

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning

AI Apps & Agents

Knowledge Mining

AI Compute & Deep Learning

AI & Business Intelligence

AI & Big Data

AI & Automation

3rd Party AI to Azure

Azure Machine Learning Service

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Cognitive Services

Azure Bot Service






Modern Data Warehouse

Real-time Analytics

Self-Service BI

On-premises BI Modernization


Spark to Azure


Azure Databricks


Azure Analysis Service

Azure Data Factory

Data Lake Storage

Synapse Analytics (former SQL Data Warehouse)

Power BI

Advanced Networking

Virtual WAN (SDWAN)

Azure Firewall

Front Door

Azure Front Door Service

Azure Virtual WAN

Azure Firewall

Advanced Security

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Threat Protection

Network Security

Data & Information Protection

Security Management

Azure AD

Azure AD B2B

Azure AD B2C

Azure Security Center

Azure Sentinel

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality


Enable Azure

Resilient Planning & Architecture

Cloud Adoption Framework & Governance

Cost Optimization

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Resilient Planning & Architecture



Azure Backup

Azure Site Recovery

Azure Blueprint

Azure Lighthouse

Azure Policy

Azure Pricing Calculator

Azure Cost Management

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Maximize your Microsoft Partner Network technical presales and deployment benefits to request these technical consultations or use a Cloud Consult from your purchased support plan.

Using Advanced Support for Partners or Premier Support for Partners benefits

Cost: Cloud Consult for deployment scenarios, or when there is no deal involved.

There is no cost associated for presale scenarios.

Your support Account Manager will coordinate scheduling you with a Microsoft partner technical consultant.

Contact your support Account Manager to request the consultation.

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Cost: Partner advisory hours*

*Partners will be charged per hour, charge will cap at 5 hours.

To submit a request, log in to the MPN portal. Once submitted, you will receive a phone call from a Microsoft partner technical consultant to schedule your consultation within two business days.

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Using presales consultation benefits

Cost: Microsoft Partner Network (Action Pack) partners: Partner advisory hours, charged per hour

Microsoft Partner Network (Silver and Gold) partners: Unlimited, no cost

To submit a request, log in to the MPN portal. Once submitted, you will receive a phone call from a Microsoft partner technical consultant to schedule your consultation within two business days.

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