We need to make sure that our articles are technically accurate and represent the latest elements in the user interface of the Office apps. Sometimes the product features (both the functionality and the user interface) are updated but the Help article that supports the feature isn't updated. We want you to review the article and make sure that it is technically accurate and up-to-date with the latest UI.

  • Intent presented in the title of the topic maps to the content in the topic. For example, if the topic name is “Delete a page in Word”, then the content in the topic provides the steps and concepts to delete a page in Word.

  • Step through the procedures.

  • Steps in the procedures are accurate.

  • Concepts presented are accurate.

  • Any notes/alerts/warnings in the topic are accurate.

  • Screenshots match the UI. Please make sure to test the procedure for the version indicated by your project manager. It’s possible that a topic is tagged for multiple versions. And if there are tabs representing each version, make sure to test the procedure against the version indicated in the tab.

  • Links are not broken.

  • Links go to the promised target.

  • The See Also/Related links at the bottom of the topic are truly related to the topic you are testing.

  • No spell errors.

  • No grammatical errors.

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