Description of the Isinteg utility


Isinteg is a utility that searches through an offline information store for integrity weaknesses. You can also repair issues that Isinteg detects. Isinteg is run at a command prompt.

When Isinteg is run at a command prompt, the following switches are available. This is also the usage display (-? switch).
isinteg [-pri] [-pub] [-fix] [-l [logfilename]]

Switch Result
------ ------

-? Usage is displayed.
-pri Check private information store (default).
-pub Check public information store.
-fix Repair information store.
-l [logfilename] Store log information in logfilename.
Default is isinteg.pri or
-patch Offline backup restore patch.
Note Microsoft Exchange 2000 Server no longer uses the Isinteg -patch switch. The Isinteg -patch procedure is performed automatically when the Messaging Database (MDB) starts.

Exchange 2000 also has the following additional switch.

Switch Result
------ ------

-s Server name.
In Exchange 2000 you must specify the database on which you are running Isinteg (for example, isinteg -s Server1 -test allfoldertests). For more information about the Exchange 2000 version of this command, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
301460 Exchange command-line parameters for the Isinteg.exe tool


The following header is displayed regardless of whether a switch is provided or not:
Microsoft (r) Exchange Server Information Store Integrity Utility Version 4.0 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation 1996. All Rights Reserved.

Log File

The log file enables you to specify the log file for output.

  • Private. Database path of private DB\Isinteg.pri
  • Public. Database path of public DB\


When you run Isinteg on a computer that is running Exchange Server 2003, Isinteg first checks to see whether the MSExchangeIS service is started. If the MSExchangeIS service is not started, the following message is displayed, and Isinteg stops:
Error: unable to get databases status from server. The reason could be either wrong server name or networking problems. Isinteg quits now.

If the MSExchangeIS service is started, and the target database is still mounted, you receive the following message, and Isinteg stops:
Invalid selection, this database cannot be checked (it is online). Please make another selection or try this database again later.
If Isinteg is running together with the -fix switch, these counts are updated to the true values as determined by Isinteg. The "named to ID or named properties" cleanup is another check that is performed. This check removes unused named properties.

The following tables are examined by Isinteg:
  • ACL List
  • ACL Member
  • Attachment
  • Cross Reference
  • Deleted Folders
  • Deleted Recipients
  • DeliveredTo
  • Folder
  • Global
  • Mailbox
  • Message
  • Miscellaneous
  • Oof History
  • Per-User Read
  • PropsIn Contents
  • ReplidMap
  • Special Folders
  • Timed Events
For Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5 with Service Pack 4, the switches that are available with Isinteg are as follows:
  • Microsoft Exchange Information Store Integrity Checker v5.5.2653.22 Usage:
    isinteg -pri|-pub [-fix] [-detailed] [-verbose] [-l logfilename] -test testname[[, testname]...]
    • -pri private store
    • -pub public store
    • -fix check and fix (default - check only)
    • -detailed detailed mode (default - non-detailed mode)
    • -verbose report verbosely
    • -l filename log file name (default - .\isinteg.pri|pub)
    • -t refdblocation (default - the location of the store)
    • -test testname,... folder message aclitem mailbox(pri only) delfld acllist rcvfld(pri only) timedev rowcounts attach morefld oofhist(pri only) global searchq dlvrto namedprop (-detailed mode only) peruser artidx(pub only) search newsfeed(pub only) dumpsterprops fldprops
    Ref count tests: msgref msgsoftref attachref acllistref aclitemref newsfeedref(pub only) fldrcv(pri only) fldsub dumpsterref

    Groups tests: allfoldertests allacltests
    Special tests: deleteextracolumns isinteg -patch (repair information store after an offline restore) isinteg -pri|-pub -dump [-l logfilename] (verbose dump of store data)
For additional information about how to use the Isinteg utility, see the Isinteg.doc file that is located on the Exchange Server 5.5 CD in the \SERVER\SUPPORT\UTILS folder.

More Information

For more information about using Isinteg with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, visit the following Microsoft Web site: