How to use the MBOX file in Entourage for Mac


This article describes the how to create MBOX files in Microsoft Entourage to back up message data.

Note This feature only applies to the message folders, and may not be used with the Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, or Notes folders.

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In Entourage, you can create archives of message store data by using the drag-and-drop method. This feature provides a way to back up message folders in Entourage.

Follow these steps to create an MBOX backup of a message folder:
  1. Resize the Entourage program window so that you can see your Apple Macintosh desktop
  2. Click the folder that you want to archive in the Entourage Folder List pane. If you do not see the Folder List pane, click Folder List on the View menu.
  3. Drag the folder to your desktop. A file is created that has the same name as the folder from which it was created.

    Note For each folder that you want to create a MBOX file, you must create it in a separate operation. In addition, subfolders are not included in the MBOX file creation when the procedure is performed for a parent folder.

Importing and Restoring Messages from MBOX File

To open or restore an MBOX file to Entourage folders, use one of the following methods:
  • Double-click the MBOX file while Entourage is running, and then click Import in the Confirmation dialog box. If Entourage is not running when you double-click the MBOX file, it starts the program with the same import confirmation prompt.
  • In the Import Wizard, click Import Information from a Text File, and then click Import Information from an MBOX Format Text File.
For additional information about how to import data into Entourage, click the following article number to view the article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

273652 How to import data in Entourage

If the MBOX archive file has the same name as an existing folder, the new folder that is created appears with a sequential number appended to the folder name. For example, if the archive file is named "Inbox" (without quotation marks), the imported folder that results is named "Inbox1" (without quotation marks). When the MBOX file is renamed, the import procedure is not affected.

Alternate Methods To Move Messages

If you want to avoid the creation of folders in the Entourage with the numeric designation as described earlier, a drag and drop message method of archiving by using the message contents of a folder can be employed. For example, the steps below use the Inbox as the original location for messages to be archived. This method does not employ the MBOX folder:
  1. Switch to the identity from which you want to archive messages.
  2. Create a new folder on your Desktop. Label the folder the same as the Entourage folder. For example, if you are archiving the Inbox, the folder on the Desktop should be labeled "Inbox" in order to keep track of the original location of the messages.
  3. Select all messages in the Inbox and drag the selected group to the folder that you created in the previous step. Verify that all messages were copied to the folder.
  4. Switch to the Identity to which you want to move messages.
  5. Open the Inbox folder on the desktop. Select all the messages in the folder on the Desktop and then drag the selected messages to the Inbox or other mail folder in the identity.
  6. Repeat the process for any other message folder you want to archive by creating folders as in the previous steps.

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