Ratings are overwritten in a document library after you run a content deployment job in SharePoint Server 2013


Consider the following scenario:
  • You enable rating settings and select the "Likes" rating experience for a document library on a source publishing website in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013.
  • You upload a document to the document library and rate the document on the source publishing website.
  • You start a content deployment job from the source website to a target website.
  • Other users rate the document in the document libraries on the source publishing website and the target publishing website. These actions make the rating on the source publishing website and on the target publishing website inconsistent.
  • You start another content deployment job from the source website to the target website.
  • You check the rating in the Number of Ratings column of the document library on the target website.
In this scenario, the rating is overwritten by the rating of the source website.


This issue occurs because ratings values are not stored in the social database in SharePoint Server 2013. Instead, they are stored together with list items in the content database. The content deployment job copies all properties of the source item, which includes ratings values. Therefore, the rating is overwritten after the content deployment job.

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