Default Services That Are Installed in Windows Small Business Server 2003


This article lists the services that are included in a default installation of Microsoft Windows Small Business Server (SBS) 2003.

Note Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) installations may include proprietary services that are not included in the following list of services.

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The tables in this article group each service by default startup type. When you install SBS 2003 with the default Windows Server 2003 components and the default SBS programs, your installation includes the following services:


Display NameService NameStart Mode
Automatic UpdateswuauservAuto
Computer BrowserBrowserAuto
Cryptographic ServicesCryptSvcAuto
DHCP ClientDhcpAuto
DHCP ServerDHCPServerAuto
Distributed File SystemDfsAuto
Distributed Transaction CoordinatorMSDTCAuto
DNS ClientDnscacheAuto
DNS ServerDNSAuto
Error Reporting ServiceERSvcAuto
Event LogEventlogAuto
File Replication ServiceNtFrsAuto
Help and SupporthelpsvcAuto
IIS Admin ServiceIISADMINAuto
IPSEC ServicesPolicyAgentAuto
Kerberos Key Distribution CenterkdcAuto
License LoggingLicenseServiceAuto
Logical Disk ManagerdmserverAuto
Microsoft Exchange Information StoreMSExchangeISAuto
Microsoft Exchange ManagementMSExchangeMGMTAuto
Microsoft Exchange Routing EngineRESvcAuto
Microsoft Exchange System AttendantMSExchangeSAAuto
Microsoft SearchMSSEARCHAuto
Net LogonNetlogonAuto
Plug and PlayPlugPlayAuto
Print SpoolerSpoolerAuto
Protected StorageProtectedStorageAuto
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)RpcSsAuto
Remote RegistryRemoteRegistryAuto
SBCore ServiceSBCoreAuto
Secondary LogonseclogonAuto
Security Accounts ManagerSamSsAuto
SharePoint Timer ServiceSPTimerAuto
Shell Hardware DetectionShellHWDetectionAuto
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)SMTPSVCAuto
System Event NotificationSENSAuto
Task SchedulerScheduleAuto
TCP/IP NetBIOS HelperLmHostsAuto
Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)WINSAuto
Windows Management InstrumentationwinmgmtAuto
Windows TimeW32TimeAuto
World Wide Web Publishing ServiceW3SVCAuto


Display NameService NameStart Mode
Application Layer Gateway ServiceALGManual
Application ManagementAppMgmtManual
ASP.NET State Serviceaspnet_stateManual
Background Intelligent Transfer ServiceBITSManual
COM+ Event SystemEventSystemManual
COM+ System ApplicationCOMSysAppManual
Distributed Link Tracking ClientTrkWksManual
Logical Disk Manager Administrative ServicedmadminManual
Microsoft Exchange EventMSExchangeESManual
Microsoft Software Shadow Copy ProviderswprvManual
Network ConnectionsNetmanManual
Network Location Awareness (NLA)NlaManual
NT LM Security Support ProviderNtLmSspManual
Performance Logs and AlertsSysmonLogManual
Remote Access Auto Connection ManagerRasAutoManual
Remote Access Connection ManagerRasManManual
Remote Desktop Help Session ManagerRDSessMgrManual
Remote Procedure Call (RPC) LocatorRpcLocatorManual
Removable StorageNtmsSvcManual
Resultant Set of Policy ProviderRSoPProvManual
Smart CardSCardSvrManual
Special Administration Console HelpersacsvrManual
Terminal ServicesTermServiceManual
Uninterruptible Power SupplyUPSManual
Virtual Disk ServicevdsManual
Volume Shadow CopyVSSManual
Windows AudioAudioSrvManual
Windows InstallerMSIServerManual
Windows Management Instrumentation Driver ExtensionsWmiManual
WinHTTP Web Proxy Auto-Discovery ServiceWinHttpAutoProxySvcManual
Wireless ConfigurationWZCSVCManual
WMI Performance AdapterWmiApSrvManual


Display NameService NameStart Mode
Distributed Link Tracking ServerTrkSvrDisabled
Human Interface Device AccessHidServDisabled
IMAPI CD-Burning COM ServiceImapiServiceDisabled
Indexing ServiceCiSvcDisabled
Intersite MessagingIsmServDisabled
Microsoft Connector for POP3 MailboxesMSPOP3ConnectorDisabled
Microsoft Exchange IMAP4IMAP4SvcDisabled
Microsoft Exchange MTA StacksMSExchangeMTADisabled
Microsoft Exchange POP3POP3SvcDisabled
Microsoft Exchange Site Replication ServiceMSExchangeSRSDisabled
NetMeeting Remote Desktop SharingmnmsrvcDisabled
Network DDENetDDEDisabled
Network DDE DSDMNetDDEdsdmDisabled
Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP)NntpSvcDisabled
Portable Media Serial Number ServiceWmdmPmSNDisabled
Routing and Remote AccessRemoteAccessDisabled
Terminal Services Session DirectoryTssdisDisabled
Upload ManageruploadmgrDisabled
Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)stisvcDisabled


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