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Список ошибок, исправленных в пакете обновления Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (часть 1 из 4)

Данная статья была ранее опубликована под номером RU282522
Данная статья представляет собой часть 1 из 4 частей, составляющих полный набор статей, распределенных по категориям и описывающих исправления ошибок, которые включены в пакет обновления Windows 2000 Service Pack 2. Пакеты обновления являются накопительными. Это означает, что исправления ошибок, вошедшие в какой-либо пакет обновления, будут включены во все последующие пакеты обновления. Например, пакет обновления Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 содержит все исправления, включенные в пакет обновления Windows 2000 Service Pack 1. Вам не нужно устанавливать выпущенный ранее пакет обновления перед установкой пакета обновления Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

Чтобы обратиться к статье об исправлении определенной ошибки, щелкните номер этой статьи Qxxxxxx, предшествующий ее заголовку. Для ознакомления с другими доступными списками статей по рассматриваемой теме обратитесь к следующим статьям Microsoft Knowledge Base:
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282525List of Bugs Fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (3 of 4)
259524List of Bugs Fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (1 of 3)
269425List of Bugs Fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (2 of 3)
269428List of Bugs Fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 (3 of 3)
За дополнительной информацией о том, как получить пакеты обновления для Windows 2000, обратитесь к следующей статье MicrosoftKnowledge Base:
260910How to Obtain the Latest Windows 2000 Service Pack
Дополнительная информация

Совместимость приложений

26392616-Bit MS-DOS-Based Programs Cannot Change Label with CreateNewFile() Function
265253Pointer May Not Be Visible if an OpenGL Program Has Data in the Overlay Planes
267938Web Folders Unavailable When You Use the "Disable Programs on Settings Menu" Policy
268989Considerations Before You Uninstall Windows 2000 Service Pack 1
274742Console STDIN And STDERR Redirection May Cause Deadlock in 16-Bit MS-DOS-Based Program
275918Problems with Winsock Programs After Applying Windows 2000 SP1
295076Message Reads "Floppy" instead of "CD" If SP1 Is Installed from Network Mapped Drive

Базовая операционная система

252974Error Message: System Process - Lost Delayed-Write Data
253246Hewlett-Packard T-10 Server Hangs on Boot
257357Performance Degradation When Heap Is Fragmented
257577gethostbyname() Does Not Return Cluster Virtual IP Addresses Consistently
258079Updated Windows 2000 AGP Driver for the RCC HE Chip Set
258281Small SCSI Disk May Seem to Have Zero Cylinders in Windows 2000
259169Some Toshiba Utilities May Not Work Correctly After Suspending Computer
259425Windows 2000 Does Not Set Some Laptop Computers in C2/C3 State
259545Windows 2000 Starts Slowly After Modifying SMART Drive Parameters
260055OHCI1394 Driver May Cause a Memory Leak During Asynchronous Write Operation
260233Support for ATA 100 (Mode 5 ) in Windows 2000
260241Registry Quota Leak In Windows 2000
261601Video Does Not Work After Resuming from Hibernation
261606Video Hangs When You Run a 3D Graphics Programs
261643USB Devices Missing in Device Manager After Computer Resumes from Hibernation
263549Creating Hard Links on Remote Computers with BackupWrite() May Cause "Access Denied" Error Message
263943Two Drivers Acquire Resources for the Same PCI Device Using HalAssignSlotResources()
264795BUG: _MBCS String Functions of the MSVCRT.DLL file (version 6.1.8637.0) Is Slower than Earlier Versions
264824Cmd.exe Generates an Access Violation Error Message When it Runs Batch Files with File Redirection
265003Windows 2000 Overwrites or Damages an OS/2 Boot Manager Partition
265365FRS Creates Unneeded Folders in DFS Root Alternates
265509Ntldr Cannot Load Fragmented System Hive
266247Special Function Keys May Not Work on Dell Laptop Computers
266251Memory Dump Stops When the PAE Option Is Enabled
266647Drive Letters Automatically Assigned to Unrecognizable Partitions
266704Computer May Hang When Hot-Swapping UDMA IDE Devices
266710DDK Pass-Through Sample Cannot Pass Signability Test
266731Access Permission Is Not Inherited on Replaced or Copied File
266749New File Created with CreateFileMapping() Returns ERROR_LOCK_VIOLATION
266762Error Message: STOP 0x00000050 0xe2000000 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00000002
267271Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet G-Series Fax and Printer Devices May Not Work
267574Scheduled Backups Fail on Standalone Tape Drives After Changing Media
268094Windows 2000 Cannot Read CD-R Discs Created with DirectCD
268347Connectivity Problem with IEEE 1394 OHCI Host Controllers
268897File I/O Functions Misbehave After NTFS Path Element Renamed
269555Device Manager Lists ATA-100 Device Incorrectly as Using PIO Instead of UDMA
269629Regedt32.exe Truncates REG_MULTI_SZ Entries Longer Than 1,024 Characters
269733Memory Leak in Dfssvc.exe
270610Message Box Using MB_SERVICE_NOTIFICATION May Not Exit the Process
271148MaxMpxCt and MaxCmds Limits in Windows 2000
271182Program Hangs Because of Deadlock in Ntdll
271644Cannot Convert FAT32 to NTFS with IDE Drive Larger Than 20 GB
271717IBM ThinkPad Laptop CPI Fan Does Not Turn on After Computer Switches from Passive Mode to Active Mode
272155Connectivity Problems Using VIA 1394 PCI Host Controllers
272295Windows 2000 SP1 Computer Hangs When You Use IEEE 1394 Digital Camera in NetMeeting
272425Ntbackup.exe Does Not Truncate Active Directory Logs During a System-State Backup
272567File Replication Service Improvements in Windows 2000 Service Pack 2
272590No Error Message Backing Up Offline Information Store on Exchange 2000
272591Ntbackup.exe Generates Error Messages While Restoring Exchange Storage Group
272655PC Card May Not Work When System Resumes From Suspend Mode
272682NTFS Enhancements for Services for UNIX
272770NTbackup May Not Connect to a New Exchange 2000 Remote Store Client
272772Event ID 2022 When Client Computers Experience Delays or Errors
273033Volume Control Settings May Not Persist After Restarting Your Computer
273400Ntbackup.exe Is Unable to Restore Data When it Encounters an Unknown Data String
273932"STOP 1E" Error in a Video Driver While Autochk Is Running During Startup
273988Disk Manager Prompts You to Continue Every Five Minutes
274015Computer Hangs During Startup with a PC Card Modem on a Japanese Model Toshiba Portege34x0
275620SCSI Port Driver May Cause Your Computer to Hang
275704Cluster Disks May Be Incorrectly Accessible from All Nodes
276247CPU Fan on an IBM ThinkPad Computer May Not Start
276409Hotfix from Q259545 causes "Stop 0x0000000A" Error Message in Disk.sys File
276504"Stop 0x0A" Error Message When You Eject a CD with Norton Anti-Virus 7 Installed
276516Group Policy Not Applied with Many Domain Controllers in Domain
276545Error Message Reports STOP 0x000000D1 in Serial.sys When Serial Device or Driver Verifier Is in Use
276609No Events Logged on Restart If Disk Mirror Is Broken While Computer Is Off
277700NodeID Change in the Registry Cause Access Violation in Clussvc.exe
277701Ntbackup Cannot Restore from Backup Sets Located on Second Tape in a Continuation Sequence
277877USB Devices May Take More Than 30 Seconds to Wake Up After Hibernating
277997Cannot Gain Access to a Device on Windows 2000-Based Computer
278650Windows Hangs During SBLive! Full Duplex Audio Test
278662Diskperf.exe May Hang with 8-Character Entry in the Registry Filter List
278695OpenGL Does Not Redraw a Window Correctly
278710No Global Groups Are Available Creating File-Share Resource Permissions in Cluster Administrator
280790Memory Manager Allocates Paged Pool Before it Is Needed
281317"Stop 0x000000E3 RESOURCE_NOT_OWNED" Error Message
282021High CPU Utilization on Compaq Laptops When You Play a DVD Movie
287922"Unsafe Removal of Device" Message When You Eject a Docking Station with an Attached USB Device
289156Modified Date and Time Incorrect on Files Copied to Windows 2000 from Versions That Negotiate with LANMAN 2.1
289166Race Condition Occurs and Autochk.exe Stops Responding During Restart
289171Error Message on Multiprocessor System Cites Unreadable File but CHKDSK Finds No Corruption
289177Sony AIT Media Changer Does Not Install Correctly If You Use Mchgr.inf File
289190PCI Modem Power Management Setting Returns to Default After Reboot.
289195Computer Hangs After Attempts to Use CD-ROM Drive on a Computer with Low Memory
289196DVD Audio Does Not Work Right on Dell, Compaq, and Gateway Computers That Run Windows 2000
289201Removable Storage Manager Does Not Recognize AIT2 Media Tape Cartridge
289205STOP Errors 0x00000023 and 0x0000000A in Fastfat.sys When a Program Queries the File System
289209Server Stops Accepting New Network Connections and Performance Degrades with Event 2019
289218Bringing Cluster IP Address Back Online After Resource-Related NetBT Device Failure Generates Sharing Violation
289223Unpredictable Results Occur When the Unlock Operation in the File Lock Package Is Initialized
289225INF Corrupt or distorted display after selecting a supported refresh rate / Valid display mode
289226No Sound from Non-PCM File with Windows Driver Model Audio Drivers
289227Service Pack 1 Installation Generates Windows File Protection Event Log Entry
289231User Defined Flags Are Not Reset When Using GlobalAlloc() to Allocate Memory
289236Not Able to Run DirectSound Programs from DVD Drive on Windows 2000
289642Windows 2000 RSM Incorrectly Identifies OnStream ADR Tape Cartridges
289831Stop 0x1E Error Message Appear on All Servers in the Same Domain
290312Event ID 54 When You Stop Debugging a Program That Uses DirectX API
293114Updates to Dfsutil.exe
294790When Object Manager Calls a Close Procedure, and ObpInitKillMutant is Held, New Processes Cannot Be Created.
295082Windows File Protection Does Not Protect Cluster-Specific Files
271976Hotfix Rollup Package Corrects Problems Described in Q257357 and Q271907

Службы каталогов

232538Unsuccessful Replication Without Partner Listed
257187RPC Error Messages Returned for Active Directory Replication When Time Is Out of Synchronization
257828Cannot Clear the Cache on a DNS Server
258002Invalid Characters in DNS Queries
258101Dcpromo Does Not Allow All-Numeric Label in a Domain Name
258811BUG: Windows 2000 LDAP API Cannot Bind to LDAP Servers
259739ADsOpenObject("LDAP://RootDSE", ....) Call Generates Incorrect DNS Queries on the Network
259930Cannot Start Windows 2000 with a Large Number of DNS Zones
260186SendPort DNS Registry Key Does Not Work as Expected
262289Invalid DNS Records Are Not Removed
262479Tcpip.sys Does Not Free Broadcast Packets That the TCP/IP Traffic Filter Driver Does Not Want
264082SNA Client or DLS Cannot Connect as Guest User on Windows 2000
264510Rollup of Fixes for File and Print Services for NetWare (FPNW) Version 5.0
265192Event 12297 Logged on PDC Role Transfer When Domain Controller Is Not the New PDC
265395Windows 2000 Member Runs Discovery Every 15 Minutes with Possible High Dial-on-Demand Line Costs
265706DCDiag and NetDiag in Windows 2000 Facilitate Domain Join and DC Creation
266066BUG: Windows 2000 Services Cannot Access Some Network Resources
266082Trust Does Not Work Between Windows 2000 and MIT Kerberos
266132Windows 2000 Hangs at "Preparing Network Connections" Screen on Multiple-Processor Computers
266657Windows 2000 Directory Service Agent Fails to Maintain Exclusive Control of Port 389
266683DNS Server Occasionally Refuses Secure Updates
267845Event ID 5773 Logged Even If UseDynamicDns Is Set to 0
267855Problems with Many Domain Controllers with Active Directory Integrated DNS Zones
268969"LDAP UDP Operations Per Second" Counter Always Returns Zero
268995Windows 2000 Domain Controller Logs Event 1153 and Stops Replicating
269015Service Does Not Start with "Access Denied" Message When Service Program File Is Located Remotely
269135Lsass.exe Causes an Access Violation
270030Windows 2000 DNS Server May Not Start with Many Reverse Lookup Zones
270137Cannot Use "Add Members to a Group" If User Name Includes a Slash Character
270159MSDSS Migration Does Not Work If Multiple Naming Attributes Are Present for an Object
270643Active Directory Users and Computers Snap-in Always Contacts PDC When User Properties Is Opened
271379Receiving Many Simultaneous H.323 Requests Causes a Computer with ISA Server Installed to Hang
271946Replication Does Not Work When there Is a Name Conflict on a Global Catalog
272065Bad Password Attempts Are Repeatedly Forwarded from Domain Controllers to the PDC Operations Master
272190Access Violation in Lsass.exe Program When You Enable Netlogon Logging
272473AvoidPdcOnWan Registry Value Does Not Work
272990Dial-on-Demand Connection Is Dialed When the Domain Controller Is Shut Down
273663Clients Cannot Find Domain Controller to Log On
274172FIX: Adding Multiple Users to Active Directory Can Cause Memory Leak When Setting Passwords
274489Service Recovery Does Not Run Defined Program If the Program Does Not Use the System Account
275525DNS Manager Monitor Test May Not Work on a Non-Domain Controller DNS Server
276023Active Directory-Integrated DNS Zone Deletion May Not Work
276431LookupAccountSid for "NT Authority\System" Results in Unnecessary Network Traffic
277915Access Violation Occurs in Lsass.exe on a Domain Controller
277932DNS Performance Counters Do Not Show Values When Collected from a Terminal Services Session
279093Lsass.exe Causes an Access Violation on a Domain Controller
281401LDAP Clients May Not Obtain Service Principle Names from MIT KDC
286158ADSI: AV Occurs When Using SSL Connection Established by Wldap32 in ADSI 2.5 on Windows NT 4.0
289154Backup and Restore of Directory Service on Domain Controller Causes Duplicate SIDs
289161Access Violation Occurs When You Remove Snap-in and Then Add It Again to Delete User
289168Directory Replication May Not Work with Large Group Update to Active Directory
289172GC Adds Non-Domain NCs as Read-Only Replicas When a Windows 2000 DC Replicates with a Whistler DC
289173NetFileGetInfo() Returns "Error File Not Found" When Expected to Return "Error Invalid Level"
289179System Hangs If Services.exe Experiences an Access Violation
289185Network Performance Is Slow and Directory Services Are Unstable with KCC in Large Domain
289187Certificate Request Generates Empty Relative Distinguished Names
289207"Error 9608: DNS Zone Creation Failed" Error Message When You Start DNS Server Service
289212"Schema Mismatch" and "Incompatible Partial Set" Error Messages Appear
289219"Parameter Is Incorrect" Error Message After You View NetWare Services Tab of User's Properties
289220Performance Monitor Shows a Drop in Available Memory and a Rise in Pool Nonpaged Bytes
289221LDAP_LOCAL_ERROR Occurs During Server Restart and LDAP Operations Do Not Work
289612Server Shuts Down When Running LDAP Control Because of Access Violation in Lsass.exe
289644Multiple LDAP Binds to the Same Connection Cause Memory Leak
292300DNS Administrative Tools Do Not Work on Server with Security Auditing Enabled
292592Duplicate Connections Appear in the Active Directory Sites and Services Snap-in
295081Cannot Lock a User Account After Installing Service Pack 1
296732Built-in Administrator Account Has Attributes That Do Not Replicate to Windows NT 4.0 Backup Domain Controllers
272365ADSI requests on LDAP objects may hang multi threaded applications
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