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Список ошибок, исправленных в пакете обновления Microsoft Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 (часть 2 из 4)

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Данная статья представляет собой часть 2 из 4 частей, составляющих полный набор статей, распределенных по категориям и описывающих исправления ошибок, которые включены в пакет обновления Windows 2000 Service Pack 2. Пакеты обновления являются накопительными. Это означает, что исправления ошибок, вошедшие в какой-либо пакет обновления, будут включены во все последующие пакеты обновления. Например, пакет обновления Windows 2000 Service Pack 2 содержит все исправления, включенные в пакет обновления Windows 2000 Service Pack 1. Вам не нужно устанавливать выпущенный ранее пакет обновления перед установкой пакета обновления Windows 2000 Service Pack 2.

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Дополнительная информация

Cлужбы IIS (Internet Information Services)/Объектная модель программных компонентов Com+

244274Client Certificates May Not Work with Windows 2000 - Site Server Membership Mapped Web Site
251007Some Cluster Disks Are Not Available After Installing SP6
251063Password Change Notification Incorrectly Notifies Accounts with No Password Expiration
255973BUG: Exporting Application Proxy in COM+ Gives Export Application Error
256839Long URL Requests or Parameters Are Not Logged When You Use ODBC Logging
259076Cannot Add Users or Groups as Operators in Default FTP and Default Web Sites
259760Compression Is Not Enabled on POST Request
260353FIX: Use of Java/COM Components in COM+ Enabled Systems Can Cause Delays
262739Can't Administer IIS by Using ADSI on Window NT 4.0 IIS 4.0 from Windows 2000 IIS 5.0 and Vice Versa
262999FIX: Queued Components on an MSMQ Dependent Client May Cause Application Event Log Error
263607New Activations of Remote COM Server May Not Work If Remote Server Has Been Rebooted
264030ASP Returns "Include File Not Found" Error Message for Included Files on the UNC Connection
264573IIS 5.0 May Cause an Access Violation in W3svc.dll When You Use DAV
264908Error Message: HTTP 403.15 - Forbidden: Client Access Licenses Exceeded
265363FIX: Extra IComInstanceEvents::OnObjectCreate Notifications Are Sent
265367FIX: IComActivityEvents::OnActivityCreate and IComActivityEvents::OnActivityDestroy Notifications Not Sent
265370FIX: Process ID of COM+ System Application Not Returned by the IMtsGrp Interface
265376FIX: Access Violation Calling CoCreateInstance()
265377FIX: COM+ Transient Subscription Not Found in TransientSubscription Collection
265379FIX: Memory Leak When Calling Between Configured Components
265386FIX: COM+ Application Proxy Export Includes System Dynamic-Link Library (DLL)
267831Event ID 2003 Warning Message Logged When Loading Performance Counters
269242DCOM Bindings Not Updated When Dialing ISP
269285FTP Server Fails to Open Data Connection
269476FIX: COM+ Dispenser Manager Doesn't Close Pooled Resources
269477INFO: Performance Enhancements in COM+ After Windows 2000 SP1
269479FIX: Extended Error Information Is Lost When Calling In-Process Neutral Thread Model Components
269862Patch Released for Canonicalization Error Issue
271456IIS 4.0 Causes Heap Corruption in CGI Application
273735INFO: Fix List for the Microsoft Virtual Machine Build 3316
274294FPSE2000: "Confirm Save. A More Recent Version of the Has Been Saved" Error Message When You Try to Save File in Web
274591Server Resources Can Expire When Non-Administrative Users Run Performance Monitor for IIS
275157FIX: Access Violation When You Activate a Pooled COM+ Component
275293DLLHOST Process Ends When Transacted WSC Components Are Called from IIS
275482FIX: COM+ 1.0 Catalog Requires NTLM-based Authentication
275537Certificate Object GetMapping Call Fails When Index Is Greater than 9
276489Patch Available for Web Server Folder Traversal Vulnerability
277007INFO: Fix List for the Microsoft Virtual Machine Build 3319
277632Memory Leak in Inetinfo.exe When Using the ADs IIS Provider
277774Post Windows 2000 Service Pack 1 COM+ Rollup Hotfix 5 Is Available
277821Access Violation When You Migrate MTS Application to COM+
277873Patch Available for 'Web Server File Request Parsing' Vulnerability
278511Patch Available for ActiveX Parameter Validation Vulnerability
279207Access Violation in Inetinfo.exe When Quitting IIS During Heavy Usage
279731Hotfixes in Q279207 and Q264268 May Cause a Windows File Protection Error if Computer Is Not Restarted
280322FPSE: Patch for Malformed Web Form Submission Security Vulnerability
287030INFO: Fix List for the Microsoft Virtual Machine Build 3802
289737Passing IStorage Pointer to Local COM Server and Calling IStorage::CopyTo May Result in "0x80010105 (RPC_E_SERVERFAULT)"
290612BUG: Event ID: 5 "Error While Reading Default Settings. Please Do Regsvr32 Asp.dll"

Электронная почта

262286Windows 2000 Direct and Indirect Printing over Infrared Port May Not Work
262288Exchange 5.5 KMS Does Not Work with Windows 2000 Certificate Server in a Windows NT 4.0 Domain
262326Slow Performance Writing to Disk and Temporary Files Stay Open
267859SMTP Pickup Places Invalid Addresses Into Badmail
274065Windows 2000 SMTP Service Returns a Protocol Error with Lotus Notes Client and Clear Text Authentication
274417SMTP Service Hangs When Handling Many Domains
275178SMTP Returns an NDR on MX Records with an IP Address Instead of an A Record
290160Exchange Server Is Using 10 Percent of CPU Resources on Windows 2000
290725Exchange Server Stops Responding After Sending SMTP Message with Large Message ID
290791Registry Keys Available to Enable Outlook Express PlugUI Components in Internet Explorer 5.01 SP2
292768Fatal Error on SMTP Server When Receiving Mail from Sendmail
292771Access Violation in Inetinfo During NNTP Replication Between Newsfeed and Public Folder
292772Though Stopped, Default NNTP Virtual Server Starts Again When the Computer Restarts
292774Must Specify Domain at Each Logon with Network News Transport Protocol
292775Downloading SMTP Messages Through NNTP Causes Database Fragmentation
292776"Not Enough Storage" Error Message When You View Properties of Virtual Directories After Deleting an ACE
292777Access Violation Error When Using Server Event Objects on Exchange 2000 Server
294175Slow Mail Performance and Notification of Delay When You Send Mail to Another Domain


222043Roaming Profile Folders Do Not Allow Administrative Access
254133FIX: Major Version of Type Library Causes Export Application Proxy to Fail
257760Event Message 3101: Unable to Read IO Control Information from NBT Device
260834System Monitor Displays Incorrect Volume Size When Disk Is Mounted But Not Assigned a Drive Letter
263119Access Violation in WinMgmt Service
263693Group Policy May Not Be Applied to Users Belonging to Many Groups
263876DNS Caches Last Negative Response Returned on Multihomed Server
264628Inetinfo May Generate Access Violation or Heap Check Debug Break Point During Shutdown
264629Adding a Counter with PdhAddCounter() Causes Access Violation in WMI
266254WMI WDM Provider Rejects Instance Data From Driver
266382BUG: HOMEDRIVE and HOMEPATH Environment Variables Not Set in Windows Installer
268151Average Disk Transfer Counters That Are Saved in Perfmon4.exe Log File and Do Not Show Data in System Monitor
268715WMI Query Support for Win32_Group Is Not Optimized
268881WMI Event 43 Generated After Changing System Default Locale
269523Service Control Manager Named Pipe Impersonation Vulnerability
269738Differences Between "Bytes Sent/Sec" and "Bytes Received/Sec" Counters
270037Policy Restrictions on Drives Cause Unnecessary Error Message at Logon and in File Dialog Box
271596FIX: Applications Do Not Run from Network When Source Path Changes
272022Mstask.exe Does Not Run Scheduled Jobs
273473Read-Only Files Cause Roaming Profile Update to NetWare Server Not to Work
273653Smlogsvc.exe Does Not Release Resources When You Are Using Performance Monitor Alerts
273773WMI/WDM Provider Hangs with Large Data Blocks
273867User Interface Is Incorrect for Alerts in System Monitor
274062Windows 2000-Based Clients Cannot Use GSSAPI to Delegate to Kerberos Servers
274578WMI Cannot Maintain Temporary Event Filter Registration
274599Event Performance Issue When Polling Large Objects with WMI
275310Setting Permissions on Windows 2000 Clients in a Windows NT 4.0 Domain May Take a Long Time
275506Access to the Desktop Is Granted Before Logon Scripts Complete
275659Corrupted Performance Counters May Disappear or Be Unavailable to Perfmon
275857Performance Monitor Does Not Show All Counters in a Log File on a Different Computer
276451Performance Monitor May Display Incorrect Data When You Log Data from Multiple Computers
276469Unable to Enumerate Instances By Using WBEM_FLAG_DIRECT_READ
277884WMI Win32NetworkAdapterConfiguration Methods May Not Execute Properly
278941WMI Event Consumers May Not Receive Notifications from Out-Of-Process Providers
278952WMI Sink Interface Methods May Return Invalid Error Codes
279094Patching Transforms May Give 2250 Error Message
279229Cannot Run Commerce Server 2000 COM Objects as Isolated in IIS
281094System Monitor Shows Only the First Instance of a Program
281492Windows Installer Allows Files To Be Written to NTFS Protected Directories
282879FIX: Windows Installer Stops Responding Intermittently When Running Custom Actions
285900Access Violation in MMC When You Resize the Panes
288337Only First Key Distribution Center in a Configured Kerberos Realm Is Used
289157Clicking the "Authentication" Button in NNTP Protocol in Exchange System Manager Does Not Open "Authentication" Dialog Box
289158Error Messages About User Profile Appear in Several Logon Situations
289181Installing a WMI-Enabled Program Generates No Events
289183WMI Polling Query in Namespace with No Previous Event Activity Results in Access Violation
289197An Access Violation Occurs If You Click in "File Server for Macintosh Properties" Dialog Box
289198Changing Description of FSM Creator Results in Access Violation
289199Domain Accepts Blank Server Name When Adding File Server for Macintosh
292766WMI Automation Interfaces May Cause Unpredictable Program Shutdowns and Data Loss
292767Add/Remove Programs Dialog Box Becomes Corrupted in Non-U.S. Versions
2967422351 and 2355 Internal Errors When Installing Software from CD-ROM

Пакет компонентов доступа к данным MDAC/Доступ к данным

247757FIX: Connection Leak Using Parameterized Command In ADO
264701FIX: Passing ADO Recordset ByRef Resets Error Information
268107ESE Hangs Following Rollback After JetPrepareUpdate
269688Cannot Access Some Msxml Methods with Czech or Slovak Regional Settings
271177FIX: Unable To Repair Password Protected Database Through ODBC Control Panel
271461FIX: "Method 'Recordset' of object 'IAdodc' Failed" Error Message with ADO Data Control
272373FIX: Access Violation Occurs When Closing ADO Recordset In Multithreaded Application
273772FIX: Memory Leak in Jet ODBC Driver with SQL_NUMERIC or SQL_C_BINARY Data
276375Error Message with Distributed Queries When Using ADO
296970Performance Problems on Domain Controller If Clients Use Integrated Logon

Сервер очередей сообщений MSMQ

271646MSMQ: Messages Sent with Direct=TCP May Be Rejected After IP Change on Target Computer
272202MSMQ Deadlock in QM on Multiprocessor Routing Server with Connector
277990FIX: MSMQ Performance Degradation Occurs on Connector Application Computer
sp2 sp2fixlist win2000sp2fixlist kbwin2000sp2fixlist

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