Surface Go 3 features

Surface Go 3 is the most portable Surface, perfect for your everyday tasks, homework, and play.

Get to know Surface Go 3

Not sure where to plug something in or how to turn up the volume? Here's a diagram to help you out.

A Surface Go 3 with the hardware features identified.

  1. Power button

  2. Volume

  3. Windows Hello camera

  4. Studio Mics (dual microphones)

  5. Headset and microphone jack

  6. USB-C port

  7. Surface Connect port

Surface Go 3 and Windows

Surface Go 3 comes with:

  • Windows 11 Home edition in S mode (consumer customers)

  • Windows 10 Pro edition or Windows 11 Pro edition (commercial customers)

You can switch from Windows 11 in S mode to Windows 11 at no additional charge. Once you switch out of S mode, you can't switch back. For more info, see Switching out of S mode in Windows.

Not sure which version of Windows you have? See Which Windows operating system am I running?

If you're not sure which Surface model you're using, see Which Surface model do I have?

Surface Go 3 features

Take your Surface Go 3 anywhere

Get to work anywhere with the adjustable Kickstand and Type Cover. With optional LTE Advanced, you’ll be able to connect online in areas with unsecured, public, slow, or no WiFi.

Performance from day to night

Get up to 11 hours of power, and Fast Charging to take you from low to 80% in less than 1.5 hours when you do need to plug in. 

Make it your own

Learn more about the optional accessories that work with your Surface Go 3.

Get the most out of your Surface

Learn more about your Surface and customize it with the Surface app. To open it, select Start , enter Surface, and select it to open the app. If the app doesn't open, get it from the Microsoft Store.

Open the Surface app

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