Error message when you export a Microsoft FRx report to Excel: “Error 450 Excel is unable to set font style”


When you generate a report in FRx with the output set to Excel or Formatted Excel, you receive the following error message.

Error 450 Excel is unable to set font style (Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment)


One of the building blocks (row, column, or tree) in the report is corrupted.


  1. Apply the latest service pack for FRx.

  2. With everyone out of FRx except one computer, go to File | Compact FRx Databases | Current Spec Set

  3. Run the report again.

If this does not solve the issue then:

  1. Create a new blank row, column, and tree

  2. Copy the row, column, and tree information from the original report into the new row, column, and tree that you created.

  3. Create a new catalog.

  4. Run the report to a Formatted Excel (.XLS).


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