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Q&A in Teams meetings - Microsoft Support
Meeting organizers and co-organizers can manage Q&A settings and the attendee experience, such as enabling moderation, choosing whether attendees can post questions anonymously, and reply to conversations. To get to Q&A settings, join your meeting as an organizer or co-organizer and select the gears icon.
Payment information and billing - Microsoft Support
Add a payment method. In the admin center, go to Billing > Bills & payments > Payment methods. Select Add a payment method. On the Payment methods page, pick a payment method from the drop-down menu. Enter the information for the new card or bank account, and then select Add.
Record a video clip in Teams - Microsoft Support
They can watch the video directly in the chat. Go to any one-on-one or group chat. Select Record a video clip under the box where you type a message. Select Record. Note: You can pause and continue the recording as many times as you need. When you're done recording, select Review. Trim your video clip, and then select Send .
Troubleshooting verification code issues - Microsoft Support
When you sign in to the second account (to get the code sent to that email), most browsers automatically sign you out of the first account (the one that's actually requesting the code). Using a browser in privacy mode, sign in with the first account. This lets you stay signed in to both accounts at the same time.
Applies To: Microsoft account dashboard
TEXTSPLIT function - Microsoft Support
Availability. Splits text strings by using column and row delimiters. The TEXTSPLIT function works the same as the Text-to-Columns wizard, but in formula form. It allows you to split across columns or down by rows. It is the inverse of the TEXTJOIN function .
Applies To: Excel for Microsoft 365, Excel for Microsoft 365 for Mac, Excel for the web
Windows 8.1 support ended on January 10, 2023
As a reminder, Windows 8.1 has reached end of support on January 10, 2023. At this point technical assistance and software updates will no longer be provided. If you have devices running Windows 8.1, we recommend upgrading them to a more current, in-service, and supported Windows release. If devices do not meet the technical requirements to run a more current release of Windows, we recommend that you replace the device with one that supports Windows 11.
Camera app shows error "0xA00F4244 NoCamerasAreAttached" - Microsoft ...
If you get error code "0xA00F4244 NoCamerasAreAttached" or get a message that says we can't find or start your camera, run the Windows Camera troubleshooter to try to fix the problem. If the troubleshooter doesn't resolve your problem, go to Camera doesn't work in Windows. SUBSCRIBE RSS FEEDS.
Can't sign in to OneDrive - Microsoft Support
For technical support, go to Contact Microsoft Support, enter your problem and select Get Help. If you still need help, select Contact Support to be routed to the best support option. Admins should view Help for OneDrive Admins, the OneDrive Tech Community or contact Microsoft 365 for business support.
Applies To: OneDrive for Business, OneDrive (work or school), OneDrive (home or personal), OneDrive (work or school) operated by 21Vianet, OneDrive for Mac, OneDrive for Windows
Combining Microsoft accounts - Microsoft Support
There are many different types of email accounts you can add to Outlook, including or Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, and other Exchange accounts. Learn more. Subscribers can also add their Gmail account to their as a connected account, allowing messages to appear in one mailbox.
Applies To: Outlook 2021, Outlook 2021 for Mac, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2019 for Mac, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2016 for Mac, Microsoft 365 for home,, Microsoft 365 for Mac, Microsoft 365 for Windows, Microsoft account dashboard, OneDrive (home or personal), OneDrive for Mac, OneDrive for Windows
Tips and Tricks for Microsoft Whiteboard - Microsoft Support
Make boards read-only when needed. If you started your whiteboard in a Microsoft Teams meeting or channel, you can choose to put it in read-only mode whenever you want your co-workers or students to stop collaborating on it. This is a useful way to finalize your boards (for example, after a deadline has been reached).
Applies To: Whiteboard