Unable to print large page documents from Windows


You are unable to print a document on a large paper size at a high resolution from a Windows 7 client. For example, printing at 600x600 dpi one page which printable area is 40" x 300" will fail. The same page will be printed fine when printed at 300x300 dpi.


The problem will occur if "(Paper Width in inches * dpi) * (Paper Length in inches * dpi)" results in a number larger than 4GB (0xFFFFFFFF).



Add the following registry DWORD and set the value to 1 (if the printer driver is using EMF data type) or 2 (if the printer driver uses RAW data type):

[HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows]

"UMPDSecurityLevel" - DWORD - "0x1" or "0x2"

Microsoft Internal Support Information

Steps to reproduce.

1.  Create printer using a PostScript driver.
2.  Go the Printer Properties of the new printer.
3.  Select the Advanced Tab.
4.  Click "Printing Defaults..."
5.  Click "Advanced..."
6.  For Paper Size, select "PostScript Custom Page Size".
7.  Set Width to 40" and Height to 400".  Click OK to all dialogs.
8.  Print Test page

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