Improper Shutdown May Affect System Restore


When you use System Restore to perform a restoration to your system, System Restore may not restore all files as expected. You may also receive the following error message when you restart the computer after the restore process:

System Restore

Restoration Incomplete

Your computer cannot be restored to:

Restore Point Name
This restoration is incomplete. It was interrupted by an improper shutdown. You should undo this restore or choose another restore point.

To choose another restore point, restart System Restore.


This behavior can occur when the computer is not shut down properly. For example, this issue occurs when there is an accidental or intentional improper shutdown during the restoration process.


To resolve this issue, you can restore to the same restore point again, or undo the first restore.

Method 1: Choose the Same or Another Restore Point

  1. Start System Restore.
  2. Click Restore my computer to an earlier time, and then click Next.
  3. Choose a restore point from the System Restore Calendar in the Select a Restore Point dialog box, and then click Next.

Method 2: Undo the Previous Restoration

  1. Start System Restore.
  2. Click Undo my last restoration, and then click Next.

More Information

When a computer is improperly or forcibly shut down during a restore process, either accidentally or intentionally, the machine may be in a state in which only some files have been restored.

If an improper shutdown happens at any other time (not during restoration), and a restore is done to a point before the improper shutdown, there is a small possibility that such a restore might fail, due to the fact that some file operations might not have been logged properly by System Restore. The system will be in the same state as before the restore was initiated. To resolve this issue, follow the steps shown in the "Resolution" section of this article.

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