WD: Exporting Graphic Formats from AutoCAD 12 to Word

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AutoCAD version 12 for MS-DOS and Windows exports in the following Word for Windows supported graphic file formats:

AutoCAD 12 for Windows also supports copy and paste, which allows you to import your 3-D images into Word for Windows. The copy-and-paste feature copies the current view of your drawing in AutoCAD and pastes it to the size of that view in Word for Windows. Once the drawing is pasted in Word, you can size the image by dragging the file handles.

More Information

To copy the drawing to the Clipboard, click Copy Picture on the Edit menu. AutoCAD then prompts you to select the area that you want to copy. To select the area, place the cross hair in the upper-left corner of the image that you want to copy, click your left mouse button once, drag the mouse over the drawing until you place a box around the entire drawing, then click the left mouse button again. The image is copied to the Clipboard and is ready to paste into Word or any other application that supports OLE.

For information about exporting in the following formats from AutoCAD 12 for MS-DOS and Windows, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.

Format Query words
------ -----------
ADI ADI and Binary and Graphics

EPS Exporting and AutoCAD and EPS

PCX Exporting and AutoCAD and PCX

BMP Exporting and AutoCAD and BMP

HPGL Exporting and AutoCAD and HPGL

DXF Exporting and AutoCAD and DXF

TIFF Exporting and AutoCAD and TIFF
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