Print Manager Shows Hidden Printer Shares

When you access the Browse list for printer shares from Print Manager, hidden printer shares are also listed.

More Information

To create a hidden share, add "$" to the end of the share name. For example, "admin$" is a hidden share and "admin" is not.

This behavior occurs only with printer shares, and if you use the Net View command on a server, the hidden printer shares are not listed.

Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. Create a printer share with "$" at the end of share name. For example:

  2. From another Windows NT machine, open Print Manager.
  3. From the Printer menu, choose Connect To Printer.
  4. From the Browse list, select your Domain.
  5. Double-click the machine with the hidden shares.
The Browse list shows the hidden printer shares.

However, you can hide the whole NT Server from the browse list by using: Net Config Server /Hidden: Yes

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