How to Create a Trust Relationship from One Computer

A trust relationship is a link between two different domains, where one domain honors the users of another domain, trusting that other domain to authenticate the accounts of its own users.

There are normally two steps required to create a trust relationship. First, one domain must permit a second domain to trust it. Then the second domain must be set to trust the first domain. Because the trust relationship is not yet established, these two steps often need to be performed by separate administrators. There are other ways to establish trust relationships.

One way requires only that an identical user account with administrative privileges be created on both domains. This might be an option for those network administrators who have identical passwords for all the administrative accounts or, at least, know the passwords and can change them while setting up the trust relationship.

NOTE: Keep in mind that creating duplicate accounts on different domains defeats the purpose of having one account for the whole network, which is one of the key features of Windows NT Advance Server networks. Changes made to one account must be changed on the other domain as well.

Procedure for Setting Up a Trust Relationship from One Computer

For this procedure assume there two domains, A and B. You are currently logged onto domain A which will be the trusting domain. Domain B will be the trusted domain. To set up the trust relationship from a single computer, perform the following steps:

  1. Create an identical user name and password on both domains with domain administrative rights.
  2. Make sure you are logged onto domain A.
  3. From User Manager for Domains (note the title bar displays "User Manager - A"), choose Select Domain from the User menu. Type B (the title bar now displays "User Manager - B").
  4. From the Policy menu, choose Trust Relationship. Choose Add and type A. Enter a password that you will use on domain A to trust domain B. Domain A should now be listed under Permitted to Trust this Domain. Close the Trust Relationship dialog box.
  5. From the User menu choose Select Domain and type A. The title bar should read "User Manager - A."
  6. From the Policy menu, choose Trust Relationship. Add domain B and use the same password you used in Step 4.

    A dialog box appears notifying you, "Trust relationship with B successfully established."


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