Dangerous Creatures: Hot Spots No Longer Hot When You Return


When you are in a guided tour, you may find that some hot spots are no
longer hot when you return to them.

NOTE: A hot spot is colored text (jump text) that when clicked with your
mouse moves you to a related topic. A hot spot can also be a specific part
of the program that when the mouse cursor is laying over the top of an
element (typically resembling a small hand) the program plays a sound,
opens a menu, or moves to another part of the program.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Dangerous Creatures version
1.0. We are researching this problem and will post new information here in
the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.

Steps to Reproduce Problem

  1. From the Main screen, choose Guides.
  2. From the Guides screen, choose Male & Female Roles.
  3. Proceed through the guided tour until you reach the Lion screen.
  4. Choose the Back button. This returns you to the Lioness pop-up
    (titled "The Huntress").
  5. Click the Lion screen, partially visible behind the Lioness
Dangerous Creatures returns to the Lion screen, but the text "Make
mine meat" is no longer a hot spot. If you pass the mouse pointer over
the former hot spot, it does not turn into a hand icon. If you click on it,
nothing happens. This problem also occurs in other guided tours.

ID članka: 118543 – Zadnji pregled: 14. feb. 2017 – Revizija: 1

Microsoft Dangerous Creatures 1.0 Standard Edition

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