How to Create Layout Grids in Publisher

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This article describes how to create a layout grid in Publisher. Layout grids can help you to accurately determine the placement of pictures, drawings, and other objects on your page.

More Information

To easily set up grids, use Publisher's Layout Guides feature:

  1. From the Arrange menu (Layout menu in Publisher 2.0), choose Layout Guides.
  2. Under Margin Guides, set your margins. The margin guides appear as a pink square in the workspace.
  3. To create a grid, decide how many columns and rows you want to appear, and type those numbers under Grid Guides.
  4. Choose OK. You now have a blue grid in the background of your workspace.


For standard 8.5-by-11-inch paper, if you set a 1-inch margin on all sides, this leaves a 6.5-by-9-inch workspace. To create a grid of .5-inch squares, set the Grid Guides to 13 columns and 18 rows.

To create a .25-inch grid, adjust the Grid Guides to 26 columns and 36 rows.

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