Writer: TrueType Fonts Not Showing Under Letterizer Tool


When you choose the Letterizer Tool in Creative Writer, only Impact,
Lucida Sans, Lucida Handwriting, Lucida Blackletter, and Stencil are
listed. Any other Windows TrueType fonts installed on the computer
are not displayed in the Creative Writer font list.


To resolve the problem in Windows 3.x, use the following steps:

  1. In Program Manager, run Control Panel from the Main group.
  2. Double-click the Fonts icon.
  3. Select the TrueType fonts. Choose the Remove button.
  4. You receive a dialog box that says

    Are you sure you want to remove the <name> (TrueType) font?
    where <name> is the name of the TrueType font.

    Make sure that the Delete Font File From Disk check box is not
    selected. Choose the Yes To All button.
  5. Choose the Add button in the Fonts dialog box. You receive an
    Add Fonts dialog box that by default selects your Windows
  6. In the Windows directory, select the SYSTEM subdirectory (font
    files are stored in the SYSTEM subdirectory). Choose the Select All
    button, then choose OK. After the fonts are installed, close Control
  7. In the Main group in Program Manager, open File Manager.
  8. Locate the MSKIDS\SHARED directory. Select the MSKIDS.INF file, and
    delete it. When you run Creative Writer again, it re-creates the
    MSKIDS.INF file.
After following these steps, all Windows TrueType fonts should appear
in Creative Writer when you choose the Letterizer Tool.


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Microsoft Creative Writer 2.0 Standard Edition, Microsoft Creative Writer 1.1 Standard Edition, Microsoft Creative Writer 1.1a

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