How To Remove or Change a Label


You can remove or change a project or file label using the GUI interface or the command line product. To remove a label, use the following steps:

GUI Interface

  1. Select the file or project from which you want to remove the label.
  2. Click the History button on the toolbar, choose the Info.History menu item with SourceSafe 3.1 or the Tools.Show History menu item with Visual SourceSafe 4.0 or later, or press CTRL+H to bring up the history dialog or output window.
  3. If the History dialog box appears, select the desired options and click OK.
  4. Select the labeled history item that you want to remove or change.
  5. Click the Details button.
  6. In the Label: text box, completely delete current label characters to remove the label. To change the label, change the contents to the desired new label.
  7. Click Close.

Command Line

  1. Execute the Label command with the desired label options. For example:

    To change a label:
          ss Label $/test "-vl old label" "-l new label"
    To remove a label:
          ss label $/test "-vl old label" "-l "
  2. You will get a message:
    "This version of <SourceSafe object name> already has a label. Do you want to overwrite with new label? (Y/N)."
    Type y to confirm the label change.

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