Error Message: Folder Does Not Exist


When you try to access a folder on a remote Windows 95 computer, you may receive one of the following error messages:

  • Folder <Folder Name> does not exist
  • The folder (path) does not exist


This error can occur when the name of the remote folder is identical to the volume label of the remote drive that contains the folder, or if you hide the Network Neighborhood icon using the Microsoft Windows 95 TweakUI PowerToy.


To resolve this problem, use either of the following methods:

  • Change the volume label of the remote drive.
  • Rename the remote folder.
  • Use TweakUI to un-hide the Network Neighborhood icon.
  • Share the folder directly. Access the folder by using a \\<computername>\<foldername> naming convention, rather than a \\<comp>\<driveshare>\<folder> naming convention. For information about sharing folders, click Start, click Help, click the Index tab, type "sharing folders" (without quotation marks), and then click Display.
You cannot make either of the first two changes locally. You must make them at the remote computer.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Windows 95.

More Information

This error message can also occur when you are using the TweakUI component of the Windows 95 PowerToys with Direct Cable Connection. To resolve the issue, start TweakUI, click the Desktop icon, and then click the Network check box to select it.

Note that you can also hide Network Neighborhood with Norton Utilities. If this is the case, use Norton Utilities to unhide Network Neighborhood.

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