Client License Assignment in Per Server Mode


Client licenses are assigned on a first come first serve basis in the licensing service. There is no way to assign client licenses to specific users or to assign licenses on a departmental basis in this version of the licensing service. This poses no problem in the current Per Seat Mode but may cause confusion in the Per Server mode since there is connection enforcement in this mode.

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Because licenses are assigned on a first come first serve basis and enforcement takes place in Per Server mode, legitimate users may be refused a connection. Connection denial can also be caused when a server has reached its connection limit and an administrator connects to the server. Although the server is over its licensed connection limit, the administrator is still allowed to connect. Then, when a user's session is dropped, they cannot reconnect because the server's connection limit is exceeded. In this circumstance, the following error message appears:

Error 71 - session limit exceeded

NOTE: Multiple administrators may connect after the server's connection limit is exceeded: administrators are not denied access to the server at any time.

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