XL7: SPACEBAR Doesn't Toggle View Entire Map Command


In Microsoft Excel, when you edit a map object on your worksheet, if you
press the SPACEBAR, the map object displays the entire map. However, if you
press the SPACEBAR again, the previous view is not restored.


This behavior occurs because the SPACEBAR key is the "shortcut" key for the
View Entire Map command when you are editing a map object. However, the
SPACEBAR key does not act as a toggle to restore the previous view of the
map object. This behavior is confusing if you inadvertently press the
SPACEBAR key while editing a map object, and want to "undo" the action.


To work around this behavior, if you press the SPACEBAR key inadvertently,
you can restore the previous view of your map by doing either of the

  • Press CTRL+Y

  • On the View menu, click Previous


For more information about using the map feature, double-click an existing
map, click Help, and then click Contents.

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Microsoft Excel 95 Standard Edition

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