XL7: Template in New Dialog Box Displayed Without Extension


In Microsoft Excel, when you open the New dialog box to create a new file
based on a template, a template on the General tab may be displayed without
the .XLT file extension, even when you have MS-DOS file extensions
displayed in Windows.


This behavior occurs if you save a template file to the XLSTART folder in
the Microsoft Excel folder instead of to the TEMPLATES folder in the
Microsoft Office folder. The Microsoft Excel XLSTART folder is available
for compatibility with Microsoft Excel version 5.0. In Microsoft Excel
version 7.0, you can still create a new workbook from a template stored in
this folder. However, when you view the template file in the New dialog
box, the filename is displayed without the .XLT file extension.

When you save a file as a Template in Microsoft Excel, the default file
location is the Microsoft Office TEMPLATE folder. Templates contained in
this folder are displayed with the .XLT file extension in the New dialog
box when you have MS-DOS file extensions displayed in Windows.


To work around this behavior, save all new templates that you create in
Microsoft Excel version 7.0 to the Microsoft Office TEMPLATE folder or the

Note that this behavior does not affect the functionality of the templates.


For more information about where to store templates in Microsoft Excel,
click the Index tab in Microsoft Excel Help, type the following text
templates, f
double-click the selected text, and then double-click "Where To Store
Templates" to go to the "Where To Store Templates" topic.

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Microsoft Excel 95 Standard Edition

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