XL7: Can't Insert Cell Notes in Shared Workbooks


When you use the shared lists feature by clicking the Allow Multi-User
Editing check box on the Editing tab of the Shared Lists dialog box, the
Note command on the Insert menu is available and you can enter text in the
Text Note box in the Cell Note dialog box. However, this text is not saved
in a cell note, and the following error message appears:
This command is not available with a shared file. Open the file in
exclusive mode.
Clicking OK closes both the error message and the Cell Note Dialog box
without saving the entered text.


You cannot insert a cell note in a worksheet when the workbook you are
using is shared.

ID članka: 131552 – Zadnji pregled: 14. feb. 2017 – Revizija: 1

Microsoft Excel 95 Standard Edition

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