XL7: "This File Is No Longer Shared" Error Saving File


In Microsoft Excel, when you save a shared file, you may receive a dialog
box with the following information

This book was made exclusive by <username> <date> <time>
and the Save As dialog box appears. If you click Save to save the file with
the same name in the same location, you receive the following error
The file '<filename>' already exists. Replace existing file?
If you click Yes, the following error message appears and the file is not
This file is no longer shared


This behavior occurs when you save a shared workbook if another person has
made the workbook exclusive by turning off the Allow Multi-User Editing
option. When this situation arises, you can no longer save the file with
the same name to the same location. Additionally, you can no longer open
the Shared Lists dialog box. If you click Shared Lists on the File menu,
you receive the "file is no longer shared" error message and the Shared
Lists dialog box does not appear.


To work around this behavior, you can save your changes to the (now)
exclusive file to another folder, or with another filename. You can then
open the exclusive file (as long as no one else has it open) and add your
changes to this copy of the file.


This behavior is by design of Microsoft Excel. When you make a shared file
exclusive, no one else can open this file for editing while you have it
open. Although you can make a file exclusive while another person has the
file open for editing, this person is no longer able to save changes to the
file. When you make a file exclusive, the file becomes "read-only" for
anyone who has the file open, as well as for anyone who opens the file
after you make it exclusive.

Note that when you receive the error message "file is no longer shared"
when you save a shared file, it may not be clear that the file has not been
saved. You will need to save the file to a different folder or filename to
save your changes.


For more information about how to create a shared list in Microsoft Excel,
click the Index tab in Microsoft Excel Help, type the following text

shared l
double-click the selected text, and then double-click Create A Shared List
to go to the "Create A Shared List" topic.

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Microsoft Excel 95 Standard Edition

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