MAC ANCIENT LANDS: Movies Look Hazy and Washed Out


While watching a movie, some of the colors may appear to fade out and
then the movie will begin to look hazy.


The computer monitor is probably set for 256 colors. The movies will
appear clearer after choosing a color setting greater than 256 colors.


To change you monitor's color settings:

  1. From the Apple menu choose Control Panels.
  2. Select Monitors.
  3. Choose a setting greater than 256 colors.
  4. Close the Monitors control panel.


Section 4 of the Ancient Lands Read Me file states:

Ancient Lands will run on any 256-color, 640x480 (13-inch) or higher
resolution Macintosh compatible monitor, although the movies look and
perform best in "Thousands of colors."

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Microsoft Ancient Lands for the Macintosh

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