XL7: Error in Template Wizard Using Workbook with Apostrophe


In Microsoft Excel, when you use the Template Wizard to create a template,
if the name of the workbook from which you create the template contains an
apostrophe character ('), you receive the following error message in the
Template Wizard
You must select cells from the workbook <workbook name>
where <workbook name> is the name of the workbook that contains an
apostrophe, such as "it's an example.xls."


This behavior occurs because the apostrophe character is reserved for use
in references in Microsoft Excel. When you use the Template Wizard to
create a template, if the workbook name that you use to create the template
contains an apostrophe, you receive the error message shown above in the
Template Wizard-Step 3 of 5 dialog box when you select a cell on the
worksheet and then press TAB or click the Field Name box.

This problem does not occur if the name of the template or the database
that you create using the Template Wizard contains an apostrophe character.
However, as a general rule, to avoid problems with linking you should not
use the apostrophe character in a workbook or worksheet name in Microsoft

Note that under Windows NT version 3.51, you cannot save a file with an
apostrophe in the filename from within Microsoft Excel. However, if you use
File Manager in Windows NT to rename a file to a name that contains an
apostrophe, the behavior described above occurs in Microsoft Excel when you
use this file to create a template using the Template Wizard.


To avoid this behavior when you create a template using the Template
Wizard, you should avoid using a workbook with a name that contains an
apostrophe. You can rename your workbook to a name that does not contain an
apostrophe by using Windows Explorer or My Computer, and then use the
Template Wizard to create a template from this file.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Microsoft products
listed at the beginning of this article. We are researching this problem
and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it
becomes available.


The Template Wizard command is available on the Data menu when you load the
Template Wizard With Data Tracking add-in. You can load this add-in by
using the Add-Ins dialog box (Tools menu) to add the file WZTEMPLT.XLA from
the Microsoft Excel LIBRARY folder. You can use this add-in to create a
template that links selected cells in a workbook to fields in a database
that you specify. When you base a new workbook on the template and enter
data in the indicated cells, Microsoft Excel creates a new record in the
database and copies the data to the corresponding data fields.


For more information about using the Template Wizard in Microsoft Excel,
click the Index tab in Microsoft Excel Help, type the following text
double-click the selected text, and then double-click When To Use The
Template Wizard to go to the "When To Use The Template Wizard" topic.

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Microsoft Excel 95 Standard Edition

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