Deleted Shared Folder Not Removed from Registry


A shared folder that has been deleted may continue to appear as a network resource when another user browses your computer.


If you delete a shared folder using the RD, RMDIR, or DELTREE command from an MS-DOS command prompt, the share entry in the registry is not updated.


If you want to delete a shared folder, you should stop sharing the folder before you delete it, or delete the folder in Windows Explorer.

If you have already deleted a shared folder, you can follow these steps to remove the share reference from the registry:

  1. In Windows Explorer, create a folder with the same name as the deleted folder. Note that the folder is created with the icon for a shared folder.
  2. Use the right mouse button to click the new folder, then click Sharing on the menu that appears.
  3. Click the Not Shared option button, then click OK.
  4. In Windows Explorer, delete the folder.

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