XL7: Workbook Opened in Mail Message No Longer Shared


In Microsoft Excel, when you send a shared workbook to another person via
electronic mail, when this workbook is opened in Microsoft Excel, the
workbook is opened exclusively instead of as shared.


This behavior occurs when you use the Send command on the File menu in
Microsoft Excel to send a shared workbook to another person. If you send a
shared file to another person from within Microsoft Excel, when the person
opens the file from within the mail message, the file is opened
exclusively, which means that no one else can open this copy of the file
while the file is open on another computer.

Note that when you send a file using an electronic mail application, you
are actually sending a copy of that file. That is, the file still exists on
your computer, and when the person who receives the mail message opens
the file, a copy of this file is opened on their computer.


To work around this behavior, send the shared workbook directly from your
electronic mail application instead of from within Microsoft Excel. For
example, if you are using Microsoft Exchange, do the following to send
the shared workbook TEST.XLS to another person:

  1. In Microsoft Exchange, compose your mail message to the person you
    want to send the shared workbook.
  2. On the Insert menu, click File.
  3. Click the shared Microsoft Excel workbook file you want to send,
    and click OK.
  4. Send the mail message.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Microsoft products
listed at the beginning of this article. We are researching this problem
and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it
becomes available.


For more information about sending a Microsoft Excel workbook to another
person by using electronic mail, click the Index tab in Microsoft Excel
Help, type the following text
mail, m
and then double-click the selected text to go to the "Send Documents To
Review In Electronic Mail" topic.

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