XL7: "Couldn't Write to Printer Spool File" Error Printing


In Microsoft Excel, when you print a file, especially a multiple page
worksheet or multiple sheets in a workbook, you may receive the following
error message:
Windows could not write to the printer spool file
Make sure your disk has enough free space and try again
When you choose Cancel, you receive the following error message
Error printing on <my printer name>
where <my printer name> is the name of your printer in Microsoft Windows.


This problem occurs when you print a document in Microsoft Excel if you do
not have enough disk space available on your computer. When you print a
document in Microsoft Excel, a temporary file is created on your local hard
disk while the file is being printed. If your local hard disk does not have
enough disk space available for this temporary file, you may receive the
error messages above.

Note that the amount of disk space required to print a file depends on the
file size of the file that you are printing.


To avoid receiving these error messages when you print a document in
Microsoft Excel, make sure that you have plenty of disk space available on
the drive that is specified in the TEMP statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT
file. For example, if your AUTOEXEC.BAT file contains the following line
Set Temp=C:\TEMP
make sure your C drive contains at least 2 megabytes of available disk

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Microsoft Excel 95 Standard Edition

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