XL7: Formula Returns #NAME? Error with AutoCorrect Enabled


When the AutoCorrect feature of Microsoft Excel is enabled, words listed in
the AutoCorrect List (ACL) will change/correct spellings of words used in
formulas. This behavior may mean that the "#NAME!" error messages is
displayed in cells with formulas, because "corrected" defined names do not
exist on the worksheet.


Because AutoCorrect looks at the contents of cells to determine which word
needs to be changed, AutoCorrect will replace misspelled defined name
ranges; this replacement may cause the #NAME! error value to be displayed
in the cell.


To work around this problem, use any of the following methods.

Method 1:

Disable AutoCorrect before you enter formulas that contain names
that are flagged as misspelled in the AutoCorrect List. To
disable AutoCorrect, click AutoCorrect on the Tools menu and
clear the "Replace Text As You Type" option.

Method 2:

Remove the particular word from the AutoCorrect List before you
enter the formula. To remove the word from the AutoCorrect List,
choose AutoCorrect from the Tools menu, select the name from the
list, and choose the Delete button.

Method 3:

Use the INDIRECT() function to keep the preferred spelling. For
example, if the misspelled word is "teh," use this:
Method 4:

If the formulas are already entered on the worksheet and you need
to change them to use the original name, use the Replace feature.

  1. On the Edit menu, click Replace.
  2. In the Find What box, type the word you are trying to replace
    (for example "The").
  3. In the Replace With box, type the misspelled version of the
    word (for example, "Teh").
  4. Click Find Next to locate the cell that contains the word you
    want to modify, and choose the Replace button.


For more information about the INDIRECT Worksheet Function, choose the
Index button in Help and type:

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