XL7: Upgrading Questions and Answers


This article contains questions and answers about upgrading to Microsoft
Excel for Windows 95, version 7.0.


  1. Q. What are the new features in Microsoft Excel for Windows 95?

    A. The new features in Microsoft Excel for Windows 95 include

    • Answer Wizard
    • AutoCalculate
    • AutoComplete
    • AutoCorrect
    • AutoFilter with Top Ten
    • Improved drag-and-drop editing
    • CellTips and ScrollTips
    • Data Map
    • Easier document retrieval and management
    • Easier number formatting
    • Shared lists
    • Templates and the Template Wizard
    For additional information about these new features, see 130490. Note that this
    information is also available in the "What's New" book in
    Microsoft Excel online Help.
  2. Q. What are the minimum system requirements for running Microsoft
    Excel for Windows 95?

    A. The minimum hardware and software requirements for running
    Microsoft Excel for Windows 95 are the following:

    • A personal computer with a 386DX or higher processor (486
    • Microsoft Windows 95 operating system or Microsoft Windows
      NT(TM) Workstation operating system version 3.51 or later
      (will not run on earlier versions of Windows).
    • 6 megabytes (MB) of memory for use on Windows 95 or 12 MB of
      memory for use on a Windows NT workstation.
    • Hard disk space required: 8 MB for a Compact installation;
      18 MB for a Typical installation; 38 MB (maximum) for a
      Custom installation.
    • One 3.5-inch high-density disk drive.
    • A VGA- or higher-resolution video adapter (SVGA 256-color
    • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device.

    Optional hardware and software items include:

    • Windows-compatible network.
    • Windows-compatible printer.
    • 2400- or higher-baud modem (9600-baud modem recommended).
    • Audio board with headphones or speakers.
  3. Q. What new analysis tools does Microsoft Excel for Windows 95

    A. In addition to the list management, charting, and PivotTable(R)
    analysis tools currently found in Microsoft Excel, we have
    provided additional tools and enhanced the most commonly used
    tools. For example, shared lists allow multiple users to add
    and analyze data in the same file at the same time. For instant
    data analysis, AutoCalculate provides a running sum, average,
    or count of currently highlighted cells.
  4. Q. Does Microsoft Excel for Windows 95 use multiple threads?

    A. No. After careful evaluation, it was decided that Microsoft
    Excel would not benefit from multi-threading--in fact, we
    determined that this functionality would actually slow down the
    recalculation speed on a single-processor machine.
    Consequently, we focused our development efforts on rewriting
    the recalculation engine. In some cases, this redesigned engine
    results in a 50-percent increase in calculation speed.
  5. Q. Will I be able to use my Microsoft Excel version 5.0 Visual
    Basic(R), Applications Edition, modules in Microsoft Excel for
    Windows 95?

    A. Yes. In most cases, you will be able to use your Visual
    Basic modules in Microsoft Excel for Windows 95. However, if
    you create advanced macros that make calls to the Windows API,
    these macros will be affected by the switch to Windows 95. For
    more information about this issue, see 131525.

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