PRB: Data Path Errors Starting SourceSafe


When you start Visual SourceSafe 4.0 or 5.0, one of the following error messages might appear:
Invalid Data Path
Cannot find initialization variable "Data_Path"
Invalid DOS path
When you start Visual SourceSafe 6.0, one of the following error messages might appear:
The SourceSafe database path <path> does not exist. Please select another database.
Invalid DOS path: <File Path>
Invalid handle


These errors occur when a client installation does not properly define the path to the SourceSafe server's SRCSAFE.INI in the client's SRCSAFE.INI file (#include) or the server's SRCSAFE.INI does not contain a valid SourceSafe database location.


After installing the Visual SourceSafe server, always use NETSETUP.EXE to install the client installations. NETSETUP.EXE is found in the SourceSafe server directory.

Be sure to check that:

  1. The client's SRCSAFE.INI include path is a valid path to the server's SRCSAFE.INI location.
  2. If using the 16 bit client, ensure that the client's SRCSAFE.INI #include path uses the 16-bit path, such as the following:
    #include d:\<path>\vss_se~1\srcsafe.ini
  3. The server's SRCSAFE.INI DATA_PATH setting points to a valid SourceSafe server DATA directory.

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