Problem Changing Computer Name Without Changing DNS Name


On your computer running Windows NT, if you install TCP/IP and allow it to use your computer name, by default, as Domain Name System (DNS) host name and you decide to change the computer name afterwards, the following symptoms occur when you issue the PING.EXE and IPCONFIG.EXE /ALL commands:

  • Even though no other computer uses the old computer name, you can still ping the old as well as the new computer name by using the following syntax:

    PING <computer_name>
  • The IPCONFIG /ALL command still displays a name that matches your old computer name.
  • If another computer running Windows NT or another operating system (with TCP/IP installed) has your old computer name as a computer name or DNS host name and you try to ping the other computer by name, ping still returns the IP address of your computer instead of the other computer.


When you ping by name, Windows NT responds if either the computer name or the DNS host name match the name being pinged.

IPCONFIG /ALL displays the DNS host name, not the computer name, and the host name has not changed.


To cause PING.EXE and IPCONFIG /ALL to display names that match your computer name, change your DNS host name to your new computer name.

To change your DNS host name:

  1. Run Control Panel and choose Network.
  2. Select the TCP/IP Protocol from the list of Installed Network Software and choose Configure.
  3. Choose DNS and edit the Host Name.

More Information

It may be appropriate in your environment to have a DNS host name that is different from your computer name. Windows NT TCP/IP does not require that the computer name and host name match.

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