PRA: Spelling Checker Not Running After Microsoft Access Is Installed

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After you install Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Access (in
this specific order), you receive one of the following error messages when
you use the spelling checker in a Microsoft program.
In Microsoft Access for Windows 95:

Can't open the main dictionary file.
In Microsoft Excel for Windows 95:

Cannot read main dictionary.
In Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows 95:

Sorry, unable to load the main spelling dictionary.
You should run Setup and reinstall.
In Microsoft Project for Windows 95:

Cannot open dictionary. Try reinstalling the spelling checker. To
install the spelling checker, run Microsoft Project Setup from your
Microsoft Project disks.
In Microsoft Publisher for Windows 95:
Publisher cannot load the speller or dictionary. (This message can
also be the result of a corrupt or missing custom.dic file.)


The Spelling key in the Microsoft Windows 95 Registry refers to mismatched
versions of the spelling engine and main dictionary.


You can run the Setup program for Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, or
Microsoft Office to remove the spelling checker. After it is removed,
you can run the same Setup program again to reinstall the spelling

As an alternative, you can rebuild your original Office 95 registry entries
by running Microsoft Office (or Microsoft Word) Setup. To do this, use the
following command

<drive>:setup /y
where <drive> is the drive that contains the Office Setup disk. This
parameter forces Microsoft Office for Windows 95 to go into maintenance
mode. If you then click Reinstall, the Setup program will rewrite the registry based on your previous installation. Note that it will restore
all of the program defaults.


Microsoft has confirmed that this is a problem in Microsoft Access for Windows 95 version 7.0.


NOTE: This article assumes that the Regional Settings in Control Panel is
set to English (United States). If the regional setting is a different
English version, such as English (British), this information still applies.
However, you may need to substitute any references to the American English dictionary file (MSSP_AM.LEX) in the discussion below with the British English dictionary file (MSSP_BR.LEX).

When you install a Microsoft program and include the spelling checker, the
Setup program copies a spelling engine (.DLL) and a dictionary file (.LEX)
to a common folder on your computer:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof
This folder may contain two versions of the spelling checker because
Microsoft programs can install different spelling engines and dictionary
files. For example, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Publisher, and Microsoft
Office install the following spelling checker files:

Engine: MSSP232.DLL
Dictionary: MSSP2_EN.LEX
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft
Access install these different spelling checker files:

Engine: MSSP32.DLL
Dictionary: MSSP_AM.LEX
To have two versions of the spelling checker usually does not cause a
problem because the Windows Registry keeps track of only one main engine
and dictionary. The Registry stores a Spelling key with an Engine value and
a Dictionary value under the following entry:

If the spelling checker in Microsoft Word (also included with Microsoft
Office and Microsoft Publisher) is installed at the time that you set up other Microsoft programs, the Registry's Engine and Dictionary values are
not changed. This enables other Microsoft programs to use the Microsoft
Word spelling engine (MSSP232.DLL) and dictionary (MSSP2_EN.LEX) because
they are more robust than the other spelling engine and dictionary

There is an exception, however, when Microsoft Access is the most recently
installed program. If the Microsoft Word spelling checker is installed at
the time that you set up Microsoft Access, and the MSSP_AM.LEX file is
already installed, the Setup program updates the Registry incorrectly. The
Setup program changes the Dictionary value to refer to the Microsoft Access
dictionary file (MSSP_AM.LEX) but does not change the Engine value; it
still refers to the other spelling engine (MSSP232.DLL). This means that
the Registry has mismatched settings for the spelling engine and dictionary
values and prevents the spelling checker from running in various Microsoft

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