XL7: Different Font Used in Excel Message Box in Nature Theme


When the Microsoft Plus Pack "Nature" theme is being used, the font used
for the message box text in Microsoft Excel is the default system font
instead of the Nature theme message box font. This is by design in
Microsoft Excel to ensure that message box text is displayed properly.


The use of a different font occurs because of the way Windows 95 reads a
program's font assignments.

In Windows 95, when the system asks a program for the font face name to use
for a dialog box, it supplies a buffer of only 20 characters. The Nature
theme uses Copperplate Gothic Light, which is 24 characters long, as the
message box font. In cases where the font name is larger than the buffer,
Microsoft Excel uses the default system font instead. This ensures a
proper display of the message box text.

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Microsoft Excel 95 Standard Edition

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