Streets 4.0: Display Corruption with Content Dragging Feature


If you have the Microsoft Plus! "Show window contents while dragging"
feature enabled, and you drag a small window over an Automap Streets 4.0
window, portions of the Streets map may erase.

The problem occurs even if the window you drag is smaller than
the Streets window. Also, the dragged window does not have to touch the
portion of the Streets window that becomes corrupted.


To work around this problem, disable the "Show window contents while
dragging" feature in Windows 95/98.

For more information about how to perform this task in Windows, see your
Windows printed documentation or online Help.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Streets version

ID članka: 141150 – Zadnji pregled: 14. feb. 2017 – Revizija: 1

Microsoft Automap Streets 4.0, Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98 Standard Edition

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