MSIC: Routing Options for (800) 426-9400

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The Microsoft Sales and Information Center (MSIC) provides pre-sales assistance and can be reached by calling (800) 426-9400. This phone number is an automated system that you can navigate through by pressing numbers on a touch-tone phone.

This article includes information about the options available through this automated phone system.

More Information

When you call (800) 426-9400, you can receive more information by pressing the number on a touch-tone phone that corresponds to any of the following four options:

  • For a list of the PSS Support Phone Numbers
  • For pre-sales questions about Windows 95 and Office 95
  • For MS Fax Service to receive automated faxes
  • For pre-sales questions, not including Windows 95 and Office 95

    Note that this option (that is, the option for pre-sales questions, not including Windows 95 and Office 95) points to the following 2 sub- options:

    Sub-Option 1:

    This option is for general pre-sales information such as pricing, part numbers, reseller referrals, and feature information. Use this option for questions on Consumer products such as multimedia applications, Works, Bob, Money and games products. You can also use this option for assistance in the following areas:

    • Money Back Guarantee/Refund Policy
    • Product Registration
    • Upgrade/Rebate Information
    • Licensing
    • General Customer Service Issues
    Sub-Option 2:

    You can use this option to receive technical assistance with programming languages such as Visual Basic, Visual C++, database programs, Advanced Systems (Windows NT) and messaging software such as Microsoft Mail.

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