Macintosh Bookshelf '95 ErrMsg: Please Insert the Microsoft...


When you start Bookshelf, you receive the following error message:

Please insert the Microsoft Bookshelf '95 disc in the CD-ROM drive


Some of the Bookshelf compact discs contain the wrong volume name. These
discs are named "Bookshelf 95 for Mac X," rather than "Bookshelf '95."

Because the compact disc is not correctly named, the program does not
recognize that the disc is in the drive.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem with the 1995 edition of
Bookshelf for the Macintosh. The problem has been resolved and systems are
currently being shipped with the correctly named compact disc.


When the disc is in the CD-ROM drive, the disc icon is displayed on the
desktop. This icon should be named "Bookshelf '95." If another name appears
with the icon, you need to order a new compact disc.


Many hardware resellers bundle various software application programs
on new computer systems. Bookshelf for the Macintosh, 1995 edition,
may be one of these bundled products.

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Microsoft Bookshelf 95 for Macintosh

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